International Business

6211LX029 Master of Business Administration 2 Kaunas

Designed for graduates who want to pursue international business careers, this Master’s Degree provides an in-depth understanding of the successful management of the global enterprise. The programme seeks to develop an international, cross-cultural and global mind-set among international managers of the future through analysis of real cases of international business, learning from the lecturers with highest scientific and practical competence, work in a multicultural team on X-Culture project in motivating study environment.

The Master+ model offers either to masterpiece in the chosen discipline by choosing the Field Expert track or to strengthen the interdisciplinary skills by choosing the Interdisciplinary Expert track emphasising managerial skills or a choice of a different competence to compliment the chosen discipline and achieve a competitive advantage in one’s career.

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  • Coventry University
  • University of Vaasa
  • University of Bergamo
  • University of Maine
  • Technical University of Cartagena
Why @KTU?

Lecturers with highest scientific and practical competences

Valuable experience through analysis of real cases of international business and learning from lecturers holding the highest scientific and practical competences.

Why @KTU?

Wide career opportunities

Extensive career opportunities in a wide range of occupations from project managers of international businesses, managers of divisions/departments/functions to company managers, business developers in global markets, and business consultants, business owners and developers.

Why @KTU?

Work experience at multi-cultural teams

Students take part in international virtual multicultural project X-Culture, where they learn to work in multi-cultural teams, develop new product ideas in cooperation with teams from other international universities.


Organisation of international business – changes of business environment, forms of companies, organisation of the activities of international company
Market strategies – selection of markets, analyses of potential, development of innovative strategies
International chains of value creation – assessment of prospects, solutions
Strategic management – analysis of the organisation’s resources, identification of advantage, implementation of changes
Identification of the Possibilities Organisation’s Development Strategic and Tactical Business Management Preparation of International Operational Strategy and Plans Implementation of International Operational Strategy in Markets and in Virtual Multi-Cultural Teams


Aurimas Jozeliūnas

UAB “ACC Distribution”, Sales Manager

In this age of globalization, internationality is one of the most valued features in employees. Ability to know, understand and work with foreign customers and partners becomes a necessity. Master degree in International Business provided a possibility to deepen knowledge of business creation and development in international context. Master studies of International Business develops various competences of the students, which contribute to development of future manager with a wide competence portfolio and abilities to achieve the set goals in various areas of company's activities. During studies, students deepen their knowledge in finances, marketing, creative thinking, logistics, production management and other areas in international context. Having a wide competence portfolio, abilities to work in intercultural teams and good understanding of business processes, I can offer our customers optimal solutions and provide additional consultations about business development, which help our customer grow together with us.

Živilė Žalienė

UAB “Micro Matic”, Director

Graduates of KTU master degree programme International Business have comprehensive knowledge of management and economics. This knowledge helps them understand international business environment, work in teams, organise individual and team activities. Graduates are able to collect, analyse and systemize information, which enables creation of reliable basis for decisions and systematic, critical and creative thinking. Students of International Business are communicative and bravely apply acquired knowledge in everyday activities. Our company constantly accepts students of this programme for placements and employ graduates.

Entrance to Master's studies

Bachelor in Economics, Management or Business Administration.

Degree diploma and its suplement (legalised by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, translated into English and notary verified).

Minimum average grade (CGPA) > 60 %.

Research activities, articles are not required but gives higher entry score.

Motivation letter.

Proficiency in English: IELTS≥6.0/TOEFL iBT≥85/CEFR≥C1

Entrance score consists of:

0.7 CGPA
0.2 Research activities, articles, if any
0.1 Motivation (skype interview)