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KTU offers 18 Bachelor’s, 24 Master’s and 19 PhD programmes in English in a variety of fields. 1000 international students from 57 countries are seeking for a degree at KTU. Learn more about requirements, application procedure, visa application and scholarships.

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Why study at KTU


  • One of the best technical universities in the Baltic States.
  • Opportunity to create a Start-up in the KTU Startup Space.
  • More than 30 various sports groups such as rock-climbing.
  • 6 types of mentors: peer, academic, career, and research mentors, social buddy and tutor.
  • >500 agreements with business and public organisations worldwide: NATO, BASF, ELSIS TS, Samsung, Hitachi, Bloomberg and others.
  • KTU Career Centre provides help in creating your CV and motivation letters.
  • >300 partner universities provide opportunity to participate in the exchange programmes: studies and internships abroad.

Programmes in English


Studying at KTU is an educational experience and a start to your new career. At our university you can find study programmes taught in English, personal approach of the professors, language classes, labs and libraries, etc. that foster innovative, creative and independent thought which will give you a competitive advantage back home.

The guide provides the list of Bachelor and Master programmes, main facts about University, Kaunas and Lithuania.


Main details about University and international programmes.


Main details about University and international programmes in Russian language.


Main details about University and international programmes in Turkish language.


Main details about University and international programmes in Spanish language.


Main details about University and international programmes in Chinese language.

Become new KTU student from the upcoming autumn – intake for new academic year is open!

The dates to remember:


  • 30 June: Deadline to apply
  • 30 July: Deadline to apply (if there is a Lithuanian embassy in your country of residence or no visa required to enter Lithuania)
  • 2 September: Start of Welcome Week
  • 1st of September: Start of new academic year for Master degree and PhD students
  • 7th of September: Start of new academic year for Bachelor degree students

Open programmes:


  • Architecture (integrated studies: Bachelor + Master; 5 years)

Bachelor programmes


Undegraduate studies at KTU is a perfect combination of University’s comprehensive education and practical experience. We aim our graduates to be able to think globally and proactively, to apply the latest technologies, to have practical experience and be able act internationally.


During the studies we advice

  • Take a chance to study 1-2 semesters abroad
  • Learn German, French, Swedish, Spanish, Russian or Italian
  • Lithuanian language and culture course
  • Get academic and career planning training
  • Catch up with missing knowledge via personal tutoring
  • Choose internship in Lithuanian and foreign enterprises
  • Be active member of Erasmus Student Network KTU
  • Play, sing and do sports with KTU societies
  • Develop personal and professional competencies
  • Get scholarship for advanced study results and research activities

Master programmes

Master’s studies at Kaunas University of Technology are the first studies in Lithuania responding to the needs of new generation, society and market, complying with global trends and focusing on the development of individual competences.

During the studies we encourage:

  • Participate in scientific conferences and research projects
  • Expand managerial/interdisciplinary competencies via Master+ module
  • Take a chance to study 1 semester abroad
  • Get academic, research and career planning training
  • Implement acquired knowledge via professional internships
  • Take Lithuanian language and culture course
  • Be active member of Erasmus Student Network KTU
  • Be involved in KTU social activities
  • Develop personal and professional competencies
  • Get scholarship for advanced study results and research activities

A unique Master+ model offers either to masterpiece in the chosen discipline by choosing the Field Expert track or to strengthen the interdisciplinary skills by choosing the Interdisciplinary Expert track emphasising a choice of a different competence to compliment the chosen discipline and achieve a competitive advantage in one’s career.

Doctoral Studies

Doctoral programmes at Kaunas University of Technology are remarkable platform for doctoral students to create new knowledge, and provide qualification to young researchers for career in science, academia, economy, and society in general by actively performing their original research.

Application procedure


Documents to be submitted:

  • Official legalised documents of previous education (high school diploma and university diploma, if any) including an academic transcript;
  • Copy of a passport or an ID card;
  • English language proficiency certificate (IELTS, TOEFL or equivalent) showing knowledge of English language. Requirement for Bachelor students: IELTS ≥5.5, TOEFL ≥75, CEFR ≥B2. Requirement for Master student: IELTS ≥6.0, TOEFL ≥85, CEFR ≥C1.
  • List of publications as well as a motivation letter (only for applicants to Master programmes).

All of the official documents have to be presented either in English or Lithuanian language. Verification from the Notary for English and Lithuanian translation of all written documents is required.

The Application which is missing some of the required documents will not be considered.


NOTE. EU citizens have an opportunity to apply for the state funded place. Applications should be submitted via joint admission network Association of Lithuanian Higher Education Institutions, otherwise the application procedure is the same.

Application deadlines

  • 30th of June for those applying for autumn semester.
    • 30th of July, in case your country of residence has a Lithuanian embassy, or no visa is required to enter Lithuania.
    • If an applicant for Master’s studies intends to apply for Lithuanian state scholarship, the application should be received by 30th of June.
  • 30th of November for those applying for spring semester.
  • All programmes in English start on the 1st of September, meanwhile some programmes accept students from the 1st of February (spring semester) as well.


Scholarships for international students

Kaunas University of Technology offers free of charge Bachelor or Master studies for the candidates with outstanding results.

Tuition fee discounts

Kaunas University of Technology offers tuition fee discounts for full-time Bachelor and Master degree studies for the nationals of selected countries.

Loyalty programme

Kaunas University of Technology offers tuition fee discounts for students who after finishing their Bachelor studies at KTU want to seek their Master’s degree here.

Lithuanian state scholarships

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania offers Lithuanian state scholarships for full-time Master degree studies to study at Lithuanian higher education institutions for the nationals of selected countries.

Scholarships for KTU students

Once you already a student of Kaunas University of Technology, the University can offer you various financial support and funding possibilities.



Bachelor programmes

  • EU citizens: 1284 – 2274 EUR / year
  • Non-EU citizens: 2800 EUR / year


Master programmes

  • EU citizens: 2400 – 3465 EUR / year
  • Non-EU citizens: 3500 – 4000 EUR / year

Preparatory courses

  • Architecture preparatory course: 1000 EUR / semester
  • Intensive English language preparatory courses (A1-B2): 700 EUR / semester


EU citizens and citizens with Lithuanian origin:

Lithuania provides free of charge studies for EU citizens based on a study field quota and competition, therefore, all EU citizens and those whose parents or grandparents hold Lithuanian citizenship once are encouraged to apply for state funded places. Application deadline is 10th July. Those who have lower entry score but still meet minimum entry requirements may study as pay the tuition fee.


Refunding the tuition fee


In case the student does not get Lithuanian visa and/or does not arrive to the University and presents a sufficient reason, the student will receive the tuition fee back to his personal bank account within 3 weeks. A confirmation of visa refusal or proof of any other serious reason for not arriving needs to be submitted.

In case the student decides to quit studies after arrival to the University:

  • The tuition fee for the current semester will not be returned, if the student quits studies without a serious reason.
  • 50 % of the current semester tuition fee will be refunded, if the student quits studies before 15th October in autumn semester or before 15th March in spring semester due to serious reasons. A proof of a serious reason to quit studies must be submitted.

The tuition fee for the current semester will not be returned, if the student decides to quit studies after 16th October in autumn semester or after 16th March in the spring semester.

If the student has paid for two semesters in advance, the tuition fee for the second semester will be fully refunded.

  • A specific amount of the tuition fee will be returned to the student’s personal bank account within three weeks after receiving the official application and proof of a reason (if necessary) to return the tuition fee.
  • The official application to get the refund shall include name and surname of the receiver, bank account number, bank name, branch address, SWIFT code and IBAN code (if possible).

Preparation for your arrival


Preparing to go to study and live in a foreign country is often a difficult and stressful process. In order to help you, we’ve prepared the information about the most important procedures: migration, health insurance, accommodation.

Migration requirements


Citizens of EU/EEA countries

If you are an EU citizen and have come to live in the Republic of Lithuania for more than 3 months in half a year, you may be issued a certificate confirming your right of temporary residence in the Republic of Lithuania.

Please submit the application on MIGRIS system.

You have to submit these documents:

  • valid travel document;
  • student status certificate:
  • a document certifying that You have sufficient resources for living in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • a document certifying the valid health insurance (the insurance must be valid in the territory of Lithuania, e.g., the European Health Insurance Card).

You must apply to the chosen branch of the Migration Department for the submission of original documents and biometric data and for signing the application you submitted.

You will have to pay a state levy for issuing a certificate – EUR 8.60 (payment code 5740).

Citizens of other countries


Students from non-EU countries are required to obtain a national visa.

Documents required for National Visa:

  • Print-out from the Lithuanian bank, showing sufficient amount of money (321 EUR per month/3852 EUR per year);
  • Mediation letter from KTU;
  • Application form. It has to be printed and submitted together with the documents for a visa. You can fill in the application on the website:
  • Passport and visa/TRP (plus photocopy);
  • One colored photo;
  • Document about sufficient means of subsistence and the funds for return;
  • Health insurance.

For the issue of a national visa, you must apply to the Lithuanian Visa Service in a foreign country or to an external service provider’s visa application center .



If you intend to study in Lithuania for more than one year, you have to apply for Temporary Residence Permit (TRP). This document is valid for two years but no longer than expected graduation date.

Application deadlines:

General order (paying 120 EUR for the application)

  • 3 months before visa expires – if you are applying for the first time;
  • No earlier than 4 months and no later than 2 months before TRP expiration day – if you need to renew your TRP.

Urgent order (paying 240 EUR for the application)

  • 1,5 months before visa expires – if you are applying for the first time
  • No earlier than 4 months and no later than 1 month before TRP expiration day – if you need to renew your TRP.

In order to get the TRP you have to follow these steps.

1 Step. Apply for the Mediation letter. You can order it via AIS (certificates ordering section, ‘Mediation letter for issuing of temporary residence permit’). It is usually issued within 3-5 working days. You will need the reference number of this document, in order to finish your TRP application.

2 Step. Submit an application electronically through the Lithuanian Migration Information System (MIGRIS).

You will also be required to submit these documents:

  • Valid travel document.
  • Printout from the bank, showing sufficient amount of money (no less than 3852 EUR). This has to be presented in English if you hold an international bank account or in Lithuanian if you opened the bank account in Lithuania.*
  • Declaration of residence place in Lithuania.
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC/Non-criminal Record). Documents must be legalized or certified with an Apostille, written in English or translated officially. If you are renewing your TRP you do not need to submit this.
  • Proof of Health Insurance.

3 Step. Through the application system you will also book the visit time to the Migration Office. You have to make the appointment in person within 4 months from the date of submission of the application to the MIGRIS and submit the biometric data, the original travel document and original or duly certified copies of the other documents listed above.

4 Step. You will have to pay the application fee (you can pay in Migration Office).

5 Step. Once the decision to issue TRP is given by the Migration Department of Lithuania, it is sent to your indicated e-mail address and you have to take your TRP card on the last day when your visa/TRP expires.

*It is fine to show the statement from your parents’ bank account. In this case you also need to present the notarized affidavit as a proof that your parents agree to support you financially.

Please DO NOT leave the preparation of necessary documents for the last minute.

Health insurance

What kind of insurance you need depends on your nationality:


Citizens of EU/EEA countries

Please acquire and adequate health/travel insurance for studies at KTU. Citizens of EU/EEA countries simply need to obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from the social security authorities in their home country. Holders of EHIC cards are entitled to the same benefits provided by the Lithuanian Insurance Institution as Lithuanian citizens. Private insurance for acute illnesses and accidents is highly recommended.


Citizens of other countries

Students from non-EU countries may obtain their health insurance either in their country or in Lithuania.

  • If you come to Lithuania without a visa, acquire the health insurance for 3 months and then extend it when applying for visa.
  • If you came holding national D visa, it means you have health insurance for the validity period of the said visa.

It costs approximately 115 EUR / year if you purchase it in Lithuania.

Students from non-EU countries applying for the temporary residence permit in Lithuania have to prove to the migration office that they have a valid health insurance.



KTU offers dormitory accommodation where a student can have a single or a shared room, may use the kitchen, laundry, internet and other facilities.

Monthly rent rates vary depending on the room type ranging from 50 to 140 EUR / month.

Private accommodation

If you prefer to have more space or would like to live in a certain area of Kaunas, you may choose renting a flat.

The rental prices vary depending on the number of rooms, location, living conditions, period of rent, etc. Average rent prices are from 200 to 300 EUR / month for a flat (1–3 rooms).

Academic calendar


Academic year consists of autumn and spring semesters. The autumn semester starts on the 1st September and the spring semester starts on the 1st February.

Autumn 2020/2021

Process Start End
Welcome Week 02-09-2020 06-09-2020
Lecture period (Master degree and PhD) 01-09-2020 23-12-2020
Lecture period (Bachelor degree) 07-09-2020 23-12-2020
Winter holidays 24-12-2020 01-01-2021
Exams session 02-01-2021 31-01-2021

Spring 2020/2021

Process Start End
Welcome Week 25-01-2021 31-01-2021
Lecture period 01-02-2021 31-05-2021
Spring holidays 05-04-2020 11-04-2020
Exams session 01-06-2021 30-06-2021

Active life at KTU


If you have many activities at your hometown, it does not mean that you cannot continue them here. 12 sport centres are located in the campus where students can join ~30 various sport groups in order to stay fit or practise professionally in ~20 University’s teams. Just few to name: football, basketball and cricket, fitness, yoga and handball.


If you prefer art, then check 7 art societies which are active in the fields of music, dance and photography. You may also learn Lithuanian folk dances and songs or play in a rock band, learn to paint or take artistic photos.


Whether you are interested in astronomy or debates, fine arts or investment, design or science, volunteering or marketing – >30 students’ organizations shall please everyone’s taste.

Study@KTU ambassadors


A mission of this program is to enhance the international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among people from different countries and diverse cultures.


Study@KTU Ambassadors are a group of outstanding students selected to represent KTU to prospective students, their families and our community.

Meet & Greet


ESN KTU mentors assist you and provide initial information before the arrival as well as meet you in the airport, train or bus station. First days for you are necessary to adapt and to get to know the University and the country. Welcome Week for the newcomers gives corresponding tips, while the friendships made on the first days remain the strongest. You will not feel alone.



Welcome Week


Welcome Week gives you a good opportunity to obtain information about Kaunas University of Technology and Lithuania (study system, courses in English, residence permit, health care, services for students, accommodation, student organisations, campus tour, intercultural communication, etc.). Welcome Week is also the best time to meet other students who are starting their studies at Kaunas University of Technology.


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