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Communication and Teamwork

Modern professional environment requires ability to reach agreements, be able quickly, flexibly, and creatively act. A clear communication strategy of organization and team activity creates mutual understanding between customers and the community, as well as openness and beneficial collaboration atmosphere in the society supports image and the reputation, even in crises. Communication and teamwork competencies enables employees to better understand what is happening in the organization, to assume responsibility for their activities and to share leadership, thus improving relationships, motivation and job satisfaction, the organization forming advantageous microclimate and psychological coherence. Many years of leading companies experience indicates, that in the organization only well-functioning teams from different fields can effectively and creatively, innovatively act and to achieve common goals in complex situations.

Study subjects

Cross-Cultural Communication and Negotiations (S265M101)
The course develops understanding of the elements that form the framework for understanding the importance of cultural factors in international communication and negotiations. The students will acquire the skills to analyse cultural contexts and the layers of culture, will be able to analyse communication patterns across cultures and understand the dynamics of cultural change. They will be able to analyse the systems of universal values, to choose appropriate verbal and non-verbal codes in cross-cultural negotiations, will know cross-cultural relations. The students will understand the essence, problems and challenges of effective intercultural negotiations.
Information Management and Communication in Organizations (S210M008)
Student has got comprehensive knowledge about information management and communication in organizations and their main trends in contemporary society; understands the methods, techniques and process of information management and communication and is able to apply theoretical knowledge in real life situations.
Working Group Processes and Team Activity (S189M193)
Contemporary professional environment requires the ability to reach an agreement quickly, flexibly and creatively act. Team activity creates mutual understanding, openness and beneficial colaboration atmosphere. Teamwork competence enables employees to assume responsibility for their activities and to share leadership, thus improving microclimate and psychological coherence. The multi-leading companies, experience shows that only bringing together well-functioning multidisciplinary teams the organization can act effectively, creatively, innovatively and achieve common goals in complex situations.