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Data Security

Since 25th of May 2018, new private data protection law, regulated by Europe Union, comes into force. It is named as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But nevertheless, society is not ready for these challenges yet. It is similar to previous situation when the rapid spread of computer technologies forced government and private organizations abolish computer illiteracy as soon as possible.

Recent society is not familiar with such modern technologies as data encryption, e-signatures, e-documents, e-money, e-voting, person identification, blockchain (bitcoin) and many others. Most of people are using passwords in almost all of web services and we are not able to get rid of them yet. Therefore these technologies are spreading very slowly. In this connection, some intermediate chain is requested between developers of data security technologies and society, i.e. potential customers of these technologies ensuring more rapid their implementation in e-government and e-commerce systems. Such an intermediate chain could be postgraduate students gained MA+ competence “Data security”. They will be able to provide the implementation of data security systems in their organizations being capable to formulate technical tasks and manage the implementation works by hiring IT companies.

This MA+ competence should be important for physical, technological, management, social, humanitarian and other study programmes.

Study subjects

Basics of Cryptographic Data Security (P175M113)
Basic knowledge to make up integrated data protection project task and project management are acquired providing data confidentiality, authenticity, integrity and person identification, using symmetric and asymmetric cryptography.
Data Security Technologies (P175M114)
Course is aimed to acquire knowledge of e-documents systems and to get knowledge of data bases and internet content protection systems. Course gets knowledge to formulate project tasks and manage projects for e-documents, data bases and internet content protection systems creation.
Data Security in E-Government and E-Business Systems (P175M166)
Course is aimed to understand how to apply data security technologies in e. government and e. business systems, e.g. e. voting, e. money systems, seeking digitize a wider information society activity areas. Couse covers blockchain and bitcoin technologies and their wide applications. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its informatics and legal aspects is presented. Students will understand mechanism and impact of cyber attacks, and will get knowledge how to mitigate this impact. The elements of internet user psychological identity analysis is presented.