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Real Estate Appraisal

Land, various purpose buildings and infrastructure are high-value assets that are owned by the state and municipalities, institutions, organizations, businesses and private individuals. Effective real estate management responds to public / business needs, sustainable development trends, promotes economic and social changes and technological innovations. Strategic approach and ability to connect various aspects into entire whole are necessary for professionals during the real estate evaluation process. The graduates by acquiring Real Estate Appraisal competence are able to assess market situation, legal and environmental aspects, technological and economic efficiency of the investment project, the impact on urban city / regional structure, condition and performance of the existing buildings as well as real estate management solutions in both private and public sector.

Study subjects

Real Estate Law (T230M103)
The students acquire knowledge about real estate law and state regulation, Civil Code, Laws on Construction, Insurance, Land, Protected areas, Land-use planning, Protection of cultural properties, roads, forests and etc..Students acquire the abilities to analyze real estate legal legal databases and apply the theory of real estate regulations and insurance in practice.
Reliability and Technical Evaluation of Buildings (T230M110)
Knowledge about the essential requirements of buildings, the means of evaluation of conformity of buildings to these requirements and investigation of buildings is obtained. Ability to evaluate the defects of buildings and their parts, and durability affecting impacts is gained. Knowledge about the methods of determination of building reliability after collapses and structural defects is obtained. Experience of preparing recommendations for repair and modernisation of buildings, ensuring their conformity to essential requirements, is gained. Ability to understand and apply the methods of technical and economical justification of repair and modernisation of buildings is obtained.
Real Estate Appraisal (S181M646)
Student acquires theoretical and methodological knowledge of real estate valuation, masters research methods of the real estate market, knows the criteria defining the real estate value, is able to substantiate these and apply according to individual approaches and methods of real estate valuation and knows how to apply these in practice.