Applied Physics

612F30007 Bachelor of Physical Sciences 4 Kaunas

Are you interested in the processes in your environment? Are you constantly surprised by scientific and technological achievements? Would you like to contribute to development of high technologies? You should choose the studies of Applied Physics. This study programme is oriented towards theory of mechanical, electromagnetic, optical, quantum phenomena, as well as its application in practice, particularly in the area of high technologies.

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  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • University of Southern Denmark
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • University of Helsinki
  • University of Aveiro
Why @KTU?

Practice in modern laboratories

Variety of lab and practice options in KTU laboratories, Microsystems and Nanotechnology Research centre, Lithuanian Energy institute, Microsystems and Nanotechnology Institute in Portugal, and numerous companies.

Why @KTU?

Visiting professors and experts from industry

Visiting professors from Stanford University,  University of Southern Denmark, Tokyo Institute of Technology and experts from industry organise international seminars and workshops to be in touch with global scientific solutions.

Why @KTU?

Opportunity of elective courses abroad

The programme is characterised by a large number of electives or minor studies options. This allows to specialise in the chosen field by taking elective courses at KTU or abroad.

Phenomena – quantum, mechanical, electromagnetic, optical, plasma
Objects – nano- and macro-derivatives, solid body, crystals, nano-structures, films
Models – phenomena on the surfaces of micro- and nano-derivatives, processes in the material, interaction of radiation and material
Application – sensors, nanoelectronics, solar cells, high technologies

Application of fundamental principles in various industrial and scientific fields Recognition of new issues, their theoretical analysis and planning of solution strategy Performance of physical experiments and analysis of their results Application of high technologies


Vytautas Jokužis

UAB "Elinta", Director

I would suggest the studies of Applied Physics for the graduates of secondary school, who like sciences, but are not sure which particular speciality they want to study. Graduates of Applied Physics studies can easily direct their knowledge towards specializations of various areas, even though it might take longer than graduating from the desired speciality.

Dainius Bernatavičius

UAB "Leggato", Manager

I started working at the company "Leggato" as a storekeeper and then climbed my career ladder, only because I acquired a wide range of technical knowledge during the studies of applied physics: starting with acoustics, geometrical optics, strength of materials or computer graphics. The basis of acquired knowledge is enough for successful work, but deeper knowledge of physical phenomena and their application, as well as mathematical calculation or modelling, is necessary for career development. Studies of physics have taught me to find analytical solutions of technical problems. I am glad that studies not only expanded my knowledge horizons, but also created a strong scientific ground. At work, I constantly apply the knowledge, acquired during Bachelor and Master degree studies of applied physics. I could not identify the most significant modules, because all of them were significant and useful.

Entrance to Bachelor's studies

High school certificate (legalised by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, translated into English and notary verified).

Maximum 3 years after high school graduation is eligible (otherwise additional entrance exams are organised by KTU).

Minimum average grade (CGPA) > 60 % in each entry subject.

Entrance score should be not lower than 2.

0.4 Mathematics
0.4 Physics
0.2 English (IELTS≥5.5/TOEFL iBT≥75/CEFR≥B2)