Industrial Technology Management

Programme is designed for ambitious young people, who want to obtain integrated expertise in business process and technology management, forming a broad approach to management, industry and business. Studies are based on the classical and modern management concepts and synergy arising from integration of social, technological and fundamental sciences. Broad-minded management professionals are able to organise work in companies, implement projects and communicate with customers, engineers, functional divisions.

Industrial Technology Management programme is among the leaders in Business Management field in Lithuania (Reitingai, 2017).

Entry requirements
Code 6121LX021
Location Kaunas
School of Economics and Business
Cycle First cycle
Field Management
Language Lithuanian
Study mode and duration Full-time studies - 4 y.
Degree awarded Bachelor of Business Management
  • Hamburg University of Technology
  • Technical University of Munchen
  • Warsasw School of Economics
  • Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Mendel University in Brno


Why @KTU?

Combination of technologies and social sciences

Industrial Technology Management programme is renewed to meet the challenges of the upcoming Industry 4.0 with the focus on e-business, innovation management, chains of value creation, modern manufacturing and supply chain management solutions.

Why @KTU?

Unique in the Baltics purpose-built laboratories and software

Unique in Lithuania and the Baltics Bloomberg Financial Markets lab and LEAN lab are empowered in the study process and contribute to the development of global business management competences.

Why @KTU?

The biggest demand for specialists in the market

Students specialise in unique Production Management specialisation and acquire skills to work professionally in industrial companies.



Innovations – creation, installation, added value
Company – organisation, planning, finances, accounting
Technologies – information, production, energy, logistics
Management – human resources, innovations, intellectual property
Enterprise management Modern management of production Creativity and innovations Management of value creation


Kristina Keršienė

UAB “Littelfuse”, Head of Personnel (Lithuania) and Manager of Talent Europe


When majority of specialists in the market specialize either in management or technologies, companies face difficulties in finding the employees, who have knowledge of both technologies and management, therefore graduates of this combined programme have a strong advantage against graduates of other studies of similar profile. I would emphasize that this programme is particularly beneficial because of flexibility of acquired competences, their timeliness and compliance with the need for manpower at contemporary technology business.

Gražina Liudžiutė

UAB “Baltic Trans Line”, Manager


These studies provided a solid ground for the beginning and of my career and its continuity. The main value of these studies – a set of up-to-date management and technological knowledge and competences enabled me to find my dream job more quickly, strengthen my position in labour market and climb the career ladder. Useful knowledge of IT, engineering, innovations, economics, modern management, logistics, marketing, finances and other areas, acquired during studies, help to make right decisions more quickly and to pursue the set goals easier.


Student’s competences:
Management of business processes and supply chains;
Organisation of production and logistics processes;
Implementation of lean production systems: LEAN, TOC, 6 Sigma, Kaizen, etc.;
Development of products and services.


Student’s skills:

– Able to analyse processes of the companies’ performance, optimise them, solve tasks of the company’s functional divisions;
– Able to organise installation of new technologies, control the companies’ production, economic and financial results, and introduce various innovations.



You may become

– Assistance in identifying the companies’ objectives, developing strategies and plans aiming for increased added value, to ensure smooth operation in the companies and customer satisfaction;
– Analysis and assessment of available systems and structure;
– Diagnostics, optimisation and monitoring of available systems;
– Solving of production tasks, search for rationalisation proposals.

– Consultations to the management on new production methods, techniques and equipment;
– Organisation and supervision of project’s employees, installation, maintenance and management of materials, machinery and equipment;
– Analysis of enabling of employees, dislocation of premises, data, employee and production management timetables and expenses for optimisation of efficiency of the entire production system and equipment.

– Planning and management of strategic objectives in supply chains;
– Promotion of business growth and development while implementing marketing objectives, business development policies and programmes;
– Consultations on such marketing elements as sales of the range of products, distribution channels and maximising of added value.

– Establishment of project objectives and restrictions with consultations with customers and interested parties;
– Combining of aesthetic, financial and economic aspects and technical, functional, ecological and production requirements;
– Preparation of sketches, diagrams, illustrations, plans, examples and models that convey design concepts;
– Selection of functional and aesthetic materials, production methods and decoration, precise definition and recommendations for production.

– Planning, coordination and supervision of scientific research and development at the company or outsourced from other organisations while developing new technological processes, products, knowledge or uses of materials;
– Planning of the organisation’s scientific research and development programmes identifying objectives and budgetary needs;
– Preparation and management of budget, control of expenses and assurance of efficient use of resources.


Minimum requirements

Proficiency in English
Language requirements

IELTS ≥5.5, TOEFL ≥75, CEFR ≥B1, or equivalent

Eligibility CGPA
High school certificate

Maximum 3 years after high school graduation is eligible.

Often you can get a suitable transcript from your school. If this is not the case, you will need official translations along with verified copies of the original.

The entry qualification documents are accepted in the following languages: English / Russian.

The documents must be legalised (Apostille) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the documents were issued. This requirement does not apply for the documents issued in the EU and Belarus, Ukraine.

Minimum average grade (CGPA) > 60 % in each entry subject.


Score structure


Tuition fee

Full-time studies 2900 €
Price per credit 48,33 €
Foreign nationals with Lithuanian origins and EU citizens
Full-time studies 1680 €
Price per credit 28 €


Financial support