Study@KTU ambassadors

Study@KTU Ambassadors are a group of outstanding students selected to represent University to prospective students, their families and our community.

A mission of this programme is to enhance the international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among people from different countries and diverse cultures.


Study@KTU Ambassadors are a group of outstanding students selected to represent KTU to prospective students, their families and our community.

Meet the Ambassadors:

Country: Turkey

Study programme: International Business (Master)

In Lithuania since: 2014

Interesting facts: Volunteer at KTU Design Center and DesignLibrary Kaunas project.

KTU follows innovative teaching methodologies based on simulations and current market trends. The professors are willing to communicate and help if there are any problems including both personal and academic. KTU gives us a chance to become a part of much bigger environment, in this case it is the borderless world. It helps me to be a part of a global community, focus on my carrier and prepare for future life.


It is equally important to have fun and study, make great and long lasting friendships. Spending your free time doing the things that makes you happy is a great start.  All those memories will give you great joy in the future.

Country: Brazil

Study programme: Mechatronics (Bachelor)

In Lithuania since: 2015

Interesting facts: Handball player. Participated in Engineering Competition (EBEC).

I am from a distant and tropical country, my origins and family traditions were always around Lithuanian culture. My great-grandfather (who born in Lithuania) founder of the Lithuanian journal in Brazil and he was the one who introduced me with traditional Lithuanian meals and also encouraged me to join Lithuanian folk dance group “Rambynas”. All this experiences created my desire to get to know more about this country, culture and people. So now I am very excited to be here in Kaunas!


KTU is the university which opened all my horizons, I’ve discovered that nothing is more special than new experiences.

Country: Georgia

Study programme: Marketing Management (Master)

In Lithuania since: 2015

During the studies in KTU, I had opportunity to take part in the different group projects. I stand out one of the them, it was quite interesting, for the reason that the members of the group were living in the different countries. We connected each other by internet and tried to solve different tasks to reach the main goal. Such projects guide to learn how to work with group and gain the experience.


In the KTU library there are huge electronic sources to read different articles and use modern programmes (also you can drink coffee or tea for free).


If you ask why did I choose KTU, the answer is: you can gain the Knowledge, learn how to endure different Troubles and get Understanding.

Country: Zimbabwe

Study programme: Civil Engineering (Bachelor)

In Lithuania since: 2016

Interesting facts: Member of KTU Women’s Leadership Network. Occasionally plays tennis.

No doubts – KTU is an awesome university with so much cultural diversity! The studies are great and I especially like the variety of subject specialisations. One of the greatest things which make you feel welcome and comfortable is lecturers. They are very kind and keen to help in all situations, talk with you as a friend, what creates cosy and relaxed atmosphere.


Kaunas is a beautiful city that has become a home away from home.  As a fairly diligent Bachelor’s student I have found Kaunas a very conducive environment for studying and making great friends. I am really happy to be here!

Country: Lebanon

Study programme: Industrial Engineering and Management (Master)

In Lithuania since: 2015

Interesting facts: DJ and founder of events concept “Declique”.

Before coming to Lithuania I did small research and find out that Lithuania is very cosy and people give huge importance to nature and the ecosystem.


There is a good balance between study and leisure in KTU. In my humble experience, the study programmes were more student-centric. The professors I have encountered have been very communicative and helpful.


For new students I would like to suggest to embrace the culture and know your way around, learn at least a little bit of local language because it will be really big help for understanding and getting along with new place.

Country: USA

Study programme: Materials and Nanotechnologies (Bachelor)

In Lithuania since: 2016

Interesting facts: Works on a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell project. Member of Powerlifting team in KTU Sports Centre.

I like that the class sizes here are smaller. Because of that, professors know their students on an individual basis. Although you may find yourself in a class with students from a different discipline, professors can find examples to relate to each disciple and provide examples in your particular field of study. This changes the typical feeling of “I’m never going to use this information after this class”, as many of us are familiar with.


I would recommend that new students reach out and get acquainted with their professors and ask questions when appropriate. The main takeaway is that there are plenty of resources that are provided through the university that are available to everyone. If you want to be a dedicated student, you have to seek out those resources and get involved.

Country: Venezuela

Study programme: Material Physics and Nanotechnologies  (Bachelor)

In Lithuania since: 2016

When I came to Kaunas I felt big cultural shock – different place, new people. Caracas, my hometown, is very big and busy, very different in good and bad ways.


I like studies at KTU and the teachers are very helpful and kind.


I love my life in Kaunas – it is so peaceful. I’ve met good people here from different cultures. Together we go to bars for beer or tea, cook together and taste interesting food.

Country: India

Study programme: Medicinal Technologies (Doctoral)

In Lithuania since: 2014

Interesting facts: Cricket player and volunteer.

In KTU I was studying the course I wanted to study from my childhood so it was really great! The study programme provided by KTU was really good, I had my supervisor who motivated me not only towards my study but also for research perspective.


During my studies I have learned about non-invasive blood pressure and stress measurement, artificial organ architecture, biomedical signal acquisition and processing as well as many other subject. Now in my workplace I am applying my engineering skills I’ve got during my studies in KTU: from medical instrument validation till programmatic architecture design.

Country: India

Study programme: Mechanical Engineering (Doctoral)

In Lithuania since: 2013

Interesting facts: Member of KTU PhD Student Society. Plays rugby. Runner in KTU Athletics team. Creator of project “Energy Harvesters”.

What made me decide to come to Lithuania, was that, KTU is one of the top university in Lithuania, with a growing research background and the degree you obtain is certified worldwide. What I love the most, KTU have high quality laboratories, which at the same time are international training centres of worldwide known companies, such as: Schneider Electric, Festo, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Phoenix Contact, Metso.


I am passionate about travels and I use to collect and write postcards from countries I visit and send them to my parents and sister in India. I also send postcards to my very close friends in Czech Republic. They write me when they visit other countries, too… In this way I am getting postcards and stamps from those countries.

Country: Syria

Study programme: Architecture (Bachelor)

In Lithuania since: 2014

I like studying in KTU because of its focus on scientific researches and projects which gives big plus for the practical life.


The best thing I like about Kaunas is that it has an impressive old town and city centre.


Kaunas is very good choice for student life as it is second largest city in Lithuania, not very expensive, and basically full of students so it’s a student city.

Country: Pakistan

Study programme: Electronics Engineering (Bachelor)

In Lithuania since: 2014

Interesting facts: Member of ESN KTU. Plays cricket and badminton in KTU Sport center.

I feel like coming to Lithuania for studies was one of the best decisions I’ve made. During my stay out of my country, I have been learning from different experiences. By meeting different mentalities and cultures, I am developing myself individually and it helps me to improve professionally as well.


One of the best things in KTU was that I had a chance to be involved in student organisations. Meeting new people from different nationalities and cultures gave me self-esteem. I got two chances to study aboard: one was my “Erasmus+” in Poland and second was in China under bilateral agreement. Thanks to KTU for amazing experiences!

Country: Azerbaijan

Study programme: Graduate of Informatics (Bachelor)

In Lithuania since: 2014

Interesting facts: Member of ESN KTU. Organizer of Brain Battle events in university and Kaunas.

During my studies, I’ve joined ESN KTU student organization and was coordinating the events for exchange students for a semester. It was a great volunteering experience as I learned many things which I can apply in my future career. Besides that, I’ve been doing internship at KTU Startup Space, where I expanded my technical knowledge. Later with my friend we’ve created our own startup and made our dream app real.


I am very happy that studies in KTU helped me not only to find my passion for Informatics, develop my technical skills, create background for the future, but also I was very lucky to find friends for life, have unforgettable travels and experiences.

Become an Ambassador!

This programme is a great way to meet new people, travel, gain more experience, leadership skills and fulfil personal needs for various social interactions.


The main duties include: delivering presentations, helping to run workshops and lead mentoring sessions. Others may attend higher education conventions and career fairs, acting as hosts to groups of incoming new students as well as take part in promotional package about studies (videos, brochures, etc.)

Student ambassadors should be:

  • enthusiastic about KTU and the benefits of higher education;
  • communicative;
  • good listeners;
  • good team workers;
  • well organised and able to use their own initiative;
  • friendly: able to speak to a diverse range of people who may be shy or unsure about university;
  • reliable, organised, good at timekeeping, able to show initiative and work with minimal supervision;
  • professional: Ambassadors represent KTU and should be naturally courteous and professional;
  • well informed of the educational system in Lithuania;
  • current KTU undergraduate and postgraduate students or recent KTU graduates.

You may be offered the title of Study@KTU Ambassador if you:

  • feel positive about higher education (at KTU in particular) and want to share your experiences with others;
  • show good academic results and/or are active socially;
  • like to work with young people and recognize that they may need help in making important decisions;
  • eager to get involved in some work that will enhance your communication, leadership and interpersonal skills as well as increase your employability;
  • want to meet tons of new people and a lot of fun.

It is a title that comes with additional values but also carries certain responsibility. Become a volunteer and share your experience at KTU! Become a face of KTU!


The post is totally flexible around academic studies. Student ambassadors are able to select what type of work they want to do and when. Activities should not consume much of your time. They are not scheduled as routine meetings – sometimes a contact via e-mail will be enough, but sometimes we might offer you to come to a study fair with us (that is one of the bonuses by the way) or when you are back to your country, we may invite to meet after several years as a STUDY@KTU Ambassador Alumni. You can talk about KTU when going on “Erasmus+” and we will provide all the information, brochures, presentations, KTU gifts etc.

This is all part of being Study@KTU ambassador.

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