Circular Economy

Study subjects

Sustainable Development Economics (S189M206)
Essential interdisciplinary knowledge of sustainable development concept is acquired, main sustainability principles in economics, their implementation methods and tools are understood and the organizational practice skills are built in order to implement this understanding in practice, i.e. critically analyse global environmental and social issues and choose social responsible economics methods for solving these issues.
Assessment of Circular Economy Impact (S183M100)
This module deals with circular economy at the company, industry and national level. The impact of the circular economy on economic development through profitability, job creation, behavioral change, industrial symbiosis and partnerships is analyzed. The circularity of the whole country and industry is assessed. The country's tax system, artificial intelligence, startups, and small and medium business opportunities to promote the circular economy are analyzed. Familiarity with EU and national, regional financial and non-financial instruments.
Circular Economy Business Models (S183M010)
The module will help to work in a team of a circular economy at company level. Students will get knowledge about the circular economy strategies and business models, principles and operating conditions, will acquire skills and abilities to analize reverse and closed-loop supply chains, apply product life cycle assessment, circular business performance measurement.