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UAB „Indeform“

Computer Visualization Technologies

This set of courses introduces fundamental computer visualization principles and tools. Students learn the principles of visual human perception and the methods of digital visual content creation, processing, and presentation. During lectures students are familiarized with methods and tools necessary for still image and video material editing as well as 2D and 3D animation creation.

Study subjects

Multimedia Content Creation Methods (T111M102)
Mastering and creation of multimedia system elements. Knowledge about the development of graphic objects based on vector and raster graphics principles, graphic data formats and their peculiarities; animation, creation and composition of sound tracks. Elementary integration of design elements into extended environment. Use of appropriate design software.
Principles of Image Perception (T111M101)
General theoretical and practical knowledge of video perception. Knowledge about design elements of the graphic environment, composition of objects. Analysis of software for that purpose. Learn to effectively choose the software and hardware you need.
3D Visualization Methods (T111M103)
Students are acquainted with 3D visualization and animation creation process. Course involves surface construction, lighting, material modeling, texturing, and animation modeling methods. In addition, lecture material is supplemented with rendering methods, particle systems modeling principles, and simulation of physics.