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Modern organizations – participants of a dynamic global market, therefore their managers need to make decisions enabling the organization to provide a timely and effective response to the most urgent challenges of internal and external environment. Managers in all positions and at all levels of organization need to strategically manage different processes and resources, effectively lead individuals and groups. Students participating in the Management Competence will acquire most important management and leadership skills required in modern organizations.

Study subjects

Legal System of Lithuania (S110M001)
Assimilating the knowledge of the fundamental rules of law that are relevant to the activities of the public and private sector legal entity’s executives. Getting the ability to apply knowledge in practice implementing executives’ rights and duties. Learning to find and adapt the necessary legislation in the relevant legal relations, getting acquainted with the case-law. Gaining the knowledge that is necessary to evaluate and solve practical situations in the legal aspects.
Strategic Management (S190M185)
The student will know the concepts of strategic management as well as modern insights into the subject; understand the tasks of management and inherent responsibilities related to the development and the implementation of a business strategy, and also the context of organizational performance, the importance of strategic analysis of the organizations resources/competences; be able to analyse an organization and its performance from the strategic point of view, to recognize strategic apex in real life business situations, to apply the instruments of strategic analysis, to develop alternative strategies and perform their evaluation.
Marketing Management (S191M152)
The knowledge of marketing management is mastered and the abilities to recognize marketing tools and the possibilities to apply them are acquired. The up-to-date marketing concepts are analysed and students are able to apply them when creating customer value. The consistency in marketing planning and strategy development is mastered. Students learn to reasonably and creatively select the strategies of target market, positioning, competitive advantage achievement, competitive strategies, as well as that of marketing mix elements and are able to employ them when firm acts in domestic and global markets.
Business Process Management (S190M183)
Students obtain capabilities in order to design, manage and improve processes and supply chains. They learn how to create and maintain digitized model of business operating system using the concept of „digital twins“. They strategically align processes, identify value chains, model processes, and select key performance indicators. They are able to improve organizational processes by identifying the main variants of processes, Lean value stream maps, and statistical process models. They can interpret the affordances of digital innovations for improvement of operating systems.
Management of Persons and their Groups (S189M195)
This module is aimed to provide new competences as well as develop working competences for managing people and their groups in an organization. Participants of the module will acquire management knowledge most important for members of a modern organization and their groups as well as they be able to apply it in their practical professional activity. The module is meant for students of master’s programmes in all science fields.
Negotiation and Conflict Management (S260M106)
Essential knowledge of negotiation and conflict management and the abilities to apply them in the process of negotiations and in the resolution of conflicts will be acquired. The main stages of preparation for negotiation will be analysed. The main techniques of successful finish of negotiation will be acquired. The reasons, types and dynamics of inner-, inter-personal and organizational conflicts will be analysed. The abilities to generate alternative solutions, choose tactics in stranged negotiation, evaluate the situation and to apply suitable methods of diagnostics and resolution strategy of conflicts will be acquired.
Psychology of Leadership and Management (S266M101)
The aim of this module - to go deep into psychological prerequisites of successful leadership: the peculiarities of leader's personality, leadership styles, values and various aspects of intelligence. The module provides knowledge about the types of personalities and other individual differences, the main psychological mechanisms of social influence, and the students learn to apply the knowledge in practice. Mental hygiene at leader’s work and techniques of stress defeating get much attention too.
Financial Management Decisions (S181M123)
Knowledge of formation and reasoning of investment decisions and modeling of financing alternatives is acquired. Ability to analyze investment and financial resource mobilization capabilities and their attractiveness, to model the long-term financial decisions and evaluate their efficiency and risk level is obtained. Knowledge necessary to simulate financial results and consequences of a variety of (non-financial) decisions is developed. Ability to evaluate financial efficiency of various corporate decisions, to interpret the results of financial assessment and to substantiate the choice financially is achieved.
Project Planning and Organization (S190M179)
Project planning and organizing process place in Project life cycle is described. Students are able to analyze problems, project stakeholders, identify project aims and success indicators, delegate roles and responsibilities, plan, organize and implement project monitoring and controlling processes, to run project closure processes, to implement post-project evaluation. The main principles of project organizing, the features of communication system and the main principles of negotiations, methods of controlling and changes management are absorbed.