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Lietuvos projektų vadybos asociacija

Project Management

Today, business success is strongly associated with the success of projects. Moreover, PMI announces that Project management is a critical competence that has a positive influence on organization results and society and the need of project managers will increase in three times until 2020. The professional project manager becomes a direct way to the business success. Every day he deals with changes and complexity in dynamic environments.
Graduates that acquire Project Management competence have double value: they supplement professional competencies with important project managing competences.  There are open career opportunities for such professionals not only in Lithuania, but also in foreign countries’ business and public sector companies. Project managers assess the need of a project and the relation with the organization strategy, initiate and plan project activities, results, schedules and budget, form project team and organise project activities, ensure project supply, assess the project risks and chooses right response strategies, manage project and ensure the success of the project to all interested parties. Moreover, graduates who have project management competencies can work as independent project evaluators, experts or consultants.
The study process of Project Manager Competence is based on blended learning approach when online learning tools and face to face meetings are combined. Experienced project managers – practitioners provide guest lectures.

Study subjects

Project Quality and Risk Management (S190M182)
Assimilating fundamental quality management and risk management knowledge and make it capable to apply real organization project activity: to identify quality management and risk management issues and possible causes, analyze and calculate the economic quality management and risk management problems consequences, choose the appropriate problem-solving techniques.
Project Social and Economical Evaluation (S180M180)
Provides knowledge of private business and public sector projects’ financial, socio and economic valuation, develops capabilities to use in practise the knowledge obtained, planning and valuating projects. After the course, students obtain intelligence about project evaluation process, different stages of it, various quantitative valuation methods. During the studies students gain competences to evaluate project financial effectiveness, social – economical benefit from financial point of view, assimilates project risk evaluation methods and are able to apply them in the practice, to interpret results.
Project Planning and Organisation (S190M179)
In-depth knowledge of the role of projects in addressing challenges is acquired. Ability to apply project initiation, planning, implementation and monitoring tools and methods, work in interdisciplinary, and intercultural teams is developed.