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Main information about MA+

Master+ is a unique model within a chosen MSc programme

The Master+ model offers either to masterpiece in the chosen discipline by choosing the Field Expert track or to strengthen the interdisciplinary skills in addition to the main discipline by choosing the Interdisciplinary Expert track providing a choice of a different competence to compliment the chosen discipline and achieve a competitive advantage in one’s career.


Students of these study programmes can choose between the path of Field Expert and Interdisciplinary Expert. Selection is made in the academic information system. Each path (competence) consists of three subjects (18 credits) allocated as follows: 1 year 1 semester (autumn) – first subject (6 credits), 1 year 2 semester (spring) – second subject (6 credits), 2 year 3 semester – third subject (6 credits). A student, who chooses a path of the Field Expert, deepens knowledge and strengthens skills in the main field of studies. The one, who chooses a path of the Interdisciplinary Expert, acquires knowledge and skills in a different area or field of studies. Competence provides a choice of alternative additional subjects.


A unique Master+ model offers to choose between two tracks:

  • Field Expert – provides an opportunity to masterpiece in the main study field;
  • Interdisciplinary Expert – provides an opportunity to strengthen the interdisciplinary abilities by choosing a competence from a different study discipline to compliment the main study field and achieve a competitive advantage in one’s career.

Interdisciplinary Expert studies should be noted that competences are only provided in the faculties located in Kaunas.

Acquisition of the competence is certified by the issue of KTU certificate and entry in the appendix to the Master’s diploma. In addition, students can acquire an international certificate (details are provided next to each competence).

Competences are implemented by KTU lecturers – experts in their area – and high level business and public sector organizations; their employees deliver lectures, submit topics for the student’s theses, placement-oriented tasks for the projects, etc.


A chosen competence will be implemented only when a full group of students is formed (minimum of 10 students) and student’s academic schedule permits the necessary participation in the lectures.


MA+ competences are selected in the KTU Academic information system after enrollment, from the end of August to the start of September. Students enrolled in the study programmes with MA+ model are contacted by e-mail regarding the deadlines and procedures to be followed.


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