Code S005
Cycle Third cycle
Language Lithuanian, English
Duration 4 y.
Degree awarded Doctor of Science
  • Vytautas Magnus University
  • Lithuanian Social Research Centre
Doctoral research topics for candidates to doctoral studies intake 2019:


Topic title Possible scientific supervisors Source of funding
Civil Society and Sustainability doc. dr. Ainius LAŠAS
doc. dr. Aistė BALŽEKIENĖ
prof. dr. Audronė TELEŠIENĖ
prof. dr. Eglė BUTKEVIČIENĖ
vyr.m.d. dr. Vaidas MORKEVIČIUS
state non-funded
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Minimum requirements

Persons with a Master’s Degree or equivalent degree of higher education may participate in an open competition for admission to doctoral studies.


Application procedure

Application and the following documents are submitted by e-mail

  • Official legalised Master’s diplomas or a higher education degree equivalents and academic transcripts (translated into English or Lithuanian and notary verified)
  • References by two academic referees or researchers from the relevant field of science
  • Curriculum Vitae (signed)
  • List of scientific publications and copies of scientific publications and also manuscripts of accepted publications (editorial board confirmation about publication acceptance must be attached)
  • Certificate of English proficiency 
  • Research project electronic copy in .doc or .docx format
  • Copy of ID card or passport
  • Copy of application fee payment (40 EUR for EU citizens, and 100 EUR for non-EU citizens)
  • Documents confirming the change of surnames, if not all submitted documents have the same surname

Participation in motivational interview 

Signing a study agreement (if invited to study)


Selection criteria and their weighted coefficients

Research experience

Research experience in ten-point grading system (publications, evaluated in points, according to current methodology for evaluation of research production, approved by Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania, or research paper and other research experience, and research qualifications, conformity of research publications and research experience with topic of doctoral studies


Research proposal


Weighted average of the marks of diploma appendix


Motivation interview