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Joint doctoral studies with the Lithuanian Sports University, Šiauliai University (from 2021 – Vilnius University Šiauliai Academy). Coordinating institution: Lithuanian Sports University.

Educational research provided by the team is based on the contemporary approach to education and learning, as well as on the using the best Lithuanian and world-wide pedagogical traditions. The team understands well that the boundaries of the discipline of Education have already broadened. The educational researchers focus not only on young generation’s and adults‘ formal, informal, non-formal education and learning, social education and education management, issues related to higher education but also on modern educational technologies, educational and learning environments and other issues related to educational innovations. Research is also carried out in the fields of employees‘ organizational learning in knowledge organizations, learning communities, development of learning cities and regions in terms of educational and learning challenges they face.

Having more than 50 years of experience and well known for preparing more than 100 PhDs who have knowledge of modern education, a team of researchers in Educational Science from Kaunas University of Technology is a recognised Centre of excellence in the field in Lithuania.

The high quality of doctoral studies is ensured not only by contribution in research projects on the most relevant topics nowadays but also by an active collaboration with the academics from University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), University of Haifa (Israel), California State University, Fullerton (USA) and others. Doctoral students participate in Erasmus+ exchanges that enable them to be active in an academic field on an international scale.

Cycle Third cycle
Language Lithuanian, English
Duration 4 y.
Degree awarded Doctor of Science
  • Vilnius University
  • Lithuanian Sports University

Entry requirements

Minimum requirements

Persons with a Master’s Degree or equivalent degree of higher education may participate in an open competition for admission to doctoral studies.


Application procedure

Mandatory documents for admission:

  • Filled in application form
  • Recommendations by two academic referees from the field of Educational Sciences, who have research degrees of a Habilitated Doctor or Doctor;
  • Curriculum Vitae (signed)
  • Official legalised Master’s diploma or a higher education degree equivalents and academic transcripts (translated into English or Lithuanian and notary verified) and the certificate of recognition if higher education qualification acquired abroad (see academic recognition)
  • The mark for a foreign language (English, French or German), recorded in the diploma supplement for first or second cycle studies, or single-cycle studies in higher education institution (the originals will be returned immediately), or the certificate issued by a licenced centre of foreign languages (copies to be submitted);
  • A list of research work carried out by the candidate (full bibliographic description) and their prints, if any (provided with copies of the cover and contents of the publication); works to be published are submitted with the editor’s statement on the press release (after the review procedure); candidates who have recently completed their second cycle studies present a copy of the master’s thesis (if any);
  • The certificates of the presentations, activities in the scientific conferences if any (copies to be submitted; the originals will be returned outright);
  • One photo of the size of 3×4 cm (to be submitted);
  • A copy of an instalment check, transferred into KTU bank account, or a copy of a document confirming exemption from the instalment or certified copies of documents proving the right not to pay the admission fee
  • Documents confirming the change of the surname if the submitted documents contain different surnames (copies to be submitted);
  • A copy of the passport personal data page or a copy of the identity card (copy to be submitted)
  • Any other documents, which reflect his/her research work and academic activity.

Participation in motivational interview

Signing a study agreement (if invited to study)


Selection criteria and their weighted coefficients

Scientific publications


Research experience


Weighted average of the marks of diploma appendix


Proficiency of foreign language (English, French or German)


Motivation interview





Study programme modules