Money is the driving force of our world. But behind all the money-making is the subtle science of finance. For financial professionals, this is an excellent opportunity to broaden their existing knowledge and gain a relevant and comprehensive education that covers the full range of financial expertise. KTU provides a top-class study tailored to the needs of modern and future individuals and businesses.


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Entry requirements

Application procedure

The programme is only conducted in Lithuanian language. Entry requirements for this particular programme can be found in the programme description provided in Lithuanian language.



Tuition fee

The indicated tuition fee is applied to 2024-2025 academic year.

Foreign nationals with Lithuanian origins and EU citizens
Full-time studies 4384 €
Price per credit 73,07 €
Partial tuition fee waiver can be applied for the study price.


Financial support






Module of the study programme by semesters





World-renowned study program

CFA Institute’s University Affiliation Program (UAP) is included in this program. That means you will be studying at least 70% of the CFA Program’s Candidate Body of Knowledge content, which is necessary to obtain an international CFA certificate and become a certified financial analyst. Great opportunities ahead!

Employers around the world are very well aware of the value of this certificate, so the doors to applying your acquired knowledge straight into international waters will be wide open. Naturally, it comes as no surprise that according to the data of the Lithuanian magazine overlooking educational institution rankings “Reitingai”, the Finance Program has been occupying the highest places among Master degree programs in the field of Finance in Lithuania for several years now.

"Bloomberg" certificate

During the entire course of your studies, you will actively use the latest and most up-to-date Bloomberg analytical data. Since KTU is the only university in the Baltic States to have a Bloomberg laboratory, you will be able to obtain the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) smart certificate and gain invaluable experience from working with top international data platforms.

Finance "know-it-all"

When it comes to business and financial market processes – you will be very comfortable. The specifics of various markets will always be at your fingertips as you gradually gain excellent analytical research and assessment skills in all kinds of financial situations. Alongside that, you will be equipped to design economic scenarios and prepare the highest-level financial forecasts.

Theory is practice and vice versa

You will be testing your acquired competencies by cooperating with businesses and financial institutions by applying them to real companies in the fields of financial management and analysis.

Snatch that senior managing spot

Professionals with such a skillset like your own often become senior executives. The competencies you will gain in decision-making that carry a great value for any organisation you join will guarantee you a great spot in the office. It also makes sure you get one of the highest salaries on the market.



Bright and broad career prospects

What will you be able to do?

– Analyse the processes that are taking place in the global financial markets and assess their impact on businesses.
– Evaluate the effectiveness of financial systems in any business management context.
– Create an application of traditional and modern financial management methods.
– Develop and implement value creation and enhancement strategies.
– Analyse, model, and evaluate various investment alternatives.

You may become

You will shape the financial policy of a company or organisation, plan and organise commercial activities, and strategies. You will also represent the company in transactions with financial institutions.

You will be the professional compiler of the company’s financial program or the main financial market forecaster who constantly studies changes in the economic environment. You will be able to evaluate, develop, and implement a value creation strategy in the context of a company or organisation and analyse the local and global markets.

You will be the specialist who monitors and analyses various market aspects. As an investment professional, you will develop investment strategies, manage investment portfolios, and potential risks.




Lecturers. Experts in their field

Aušrinė Laštutienė

Aušrinė Lakštutienė

Transformation of Financial services
Evaldas Valeiša

Evaldas Valeiša

Insurance Finance
Halit Gonenc

Halit Gonenc

International Finance
Gerda Žigienė

Gerda Žigienė

Corporate Finance Management
Rasa Norvaišienė

Rasa Norvaišienė

Investment Management
Rytis Krušinskas

Rytis Krušinskas

Quantitative Methods and Financial Modelling




Saulius Drasutis

Saulius Drasutis

Head of Branch Network Lithuania AB "Swedbank"


During the entire period of work at Swedbank, AB, I had to accept several masters of KTU Finance Program. I highly value the graduates of this master's program both as potential candidates for vacancies offered at the bank and as current colleagues. Typically, participants in this program have a very deep theoretical knowledge of both corporate financial reporting, cash flow, and the ability to analyse corporate financial trends and assess potential risk factors. I believe this is due to good basic skills in mathematics, probability theory and financial fundamentals acquired in undergraduate studies and the further development of these skills during master’s studies. I highly appreciate the individual qualities of these graduates - honesty, consistency, the desire to constantly improve, as well as the qualities of teamwork that are created during the preparation of joint team projects.

Tadas Vaicekauskas

Tadas Vaicekauskas

Managing Director at "Medienos era", "Industrial Robotics Company"


The main factor that creates the value of this study program is the versatility of the financial knowledge acquired. Deepening into the financial characteristics of banks, credit unions, insurance companies and businesses forms a broad financial approach and perception, while opening up relevant internships and career opportunities. Practical tasks develop the ability to think analytically, interpret and apply the available information to make financial institution / business management decisions.





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