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Human Resource Management

This is a study program that practices the reveal of the best qualities of employees and uses them for the success of an organisation. It delves into modern human resource management concepts and strategies, tactics, and day-to-day practices. Ultimately, it examines the managerial, psychological, legal, and information technology aspects which allow employees and their teams to focus on achieving goals.

The studies analyse how to attract, reveal, and retain talent. How to form an organisational culture, create motivation, and reward the management systems. It also addresses the application of artificial intelligence into the management of organisations and employees, touching upon ethical and social responsibility aspects.

Master’s Program “Human Resource Management” is the first in the Baltic States to be awarded by the world’s largest HR professionalaccreditation network Society for Human Resource Management. The SHRM Academically Aligned assessment confirms that the program content fully meets the global HR professional association content standard. Recertification Provider status provides students with an opportunity to gain a globally recognized and employer-valued professional qualification and thus become part of the global HR network.

Study wherever you like

With the Erasmus exchange program, you can go study at any foreign university for a semester or complete an internship at an international business of your choice.

Description of Study Programme

Entry requirements


Tuition fee

The tuition fee applied for the academic year 2022-2023 is indicated below:

Foreign nationals with Lithuanian origins and EU citizens
Full-time studies 4096 €
Price per credit 68,27 €
Partial tuition fee waiver can be applied for the study price.


Financial support


Head of the study program in the field of Management and Human Resource Management

Dr. Rasa Lalienė

Gedimino st 50-329, Kaunas, Lithuania
Mob. +370 679 14 795
E-mail rasa.laliene@ktu.lt






Subjects of the study programme by semesters


Management – motivation, premium schemes, evaluation system
Labour law – collective agreements, guarantees, compensations, labour disputes
Management of competencies – talent pools, educating management, assessment of competencies
Human capital – management, evaluation, practical principles
Research and evaluation of human resources Formation of human resources management strategies Development of human sources management systems Skills of leadership and management of changes





Apply the knowledge instantly

During your studies, you will be testing out the various tools that allow a clear way of applying theoretical knowledge into the daily activities of organisations. Alongside that, you will get to use the talent evaluation and development simulations, prepare human resource management strategies, develop change implementation plans, as well as leadership development programs, and reward systems. Sounds like a dream, right?


Facts speak for themselves

In 2018 and 2019 this program was recognised as the best Human Resource Management study program in Lithuania. The facts really do speak for themselves.


HR specialists in demand

No matter how many jobs will become automated or how far artificial intelligence develops, people will always be the core value of any organisation. According to the international employment services company “Manpower Group”, the demand for human resource management specialists has grown by 20% in the last two years. And the demand keeps on growing.


Learn hand-in-hand with the practical experts

You will be the first to hear how certain theories work in practice. Professionals in the HR field will present to you their specific experiences with successful companies and prestigious foreign centres.



Bright and broad career prospects

What will you be able to do?

Develop and implement human resource management strategies.

Apply the basic legal norms of regulating labor relations.

Develop your own and others’ leadership skills.

Develop identification and development strategies for attracting talents.

Carry out employee opinion surveys.

Create innovative and creative human resource management solutions.

Be the one who successfully implements change.



You may become

– You will be the strategic business development partner. You will formulate employee management policies and strategies, coordinate its implementation, develop and apply employee education, selection, performance, and career management systems.


– You will be the one who predicts what competencies will be needed in the future. You will select the best methods for employee and team development, help ensure employee well-being and long-term competitiveness of the organisation.

-You are the future talent hunter. You will be the one who discovers, attracts, and strives to get the very best professionals on board.

-You will be the professional who designs and applies salary and employee motivation systems.

-As a specialist, you will develop and implement employee performance management systems, formulate goals, and provide feedback to the employees.

-You will be the one who provides the facts and insights into how employees affect a company’s performance. They care about the well-being of employees when planning and implementing change.




Lecturers. Experts in their field

Asta Savanevičienė

Asta Savanevičienė

Strategic Human Resources Management
Aušra Tartalaitė-Paulauskienė

Aušra Tartalaitė-Paulauskienė

Labor law
Živilė Stankevičiūtė

Živilė Stankevičiūtė

Human Resource Analitics
Asta Daunorienė

Asta Daunorienė

Change Management




Aušra Kerzienė

Aušra Kerzienė

Personnel Specialist at UAB “SDG”, the Chairman of the Board at Kaunas Personnel Managers’ Club


During the studies, the insights, experiences, perspectives of scientific researches delivered by the lecturers of the Human Resources Management study programme create a constant dialogue between a lecturer and student which remains even after the completion of studies. This leads to the realisation of dreams, objectives, and new possibilities of creation.

Giedrė Belazarienė

Giedrė Belazarienė

Head of HR at Festo Lietuva


Today, as never before, human resource management has become a core process for every business. This program prepares professionals who can create and create added value for organizations. Putting the knowledge gained into practice helps us discover what we all want in our careers - growth and meaningful activities.





Head of the study program in the field of Management and Human Resource Management

Dr. Rasa Lalienė

Gedimino st 50-329, Kaunas, Lithuania
Mob. +370 679 14 795
E-mail rasa.laliene@ktu.lt