Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

This study programme educates the managerial competence of development, installation and management of innovation processes in organisations and to create and develop innovative businesses in different industries. The programme educates creative thinking, the ability to initiate innovations of products, processes and added value, create market-expanding and value-maximising strategies. The education is based on a systemic integration of management, technologies, finances, and knowledge of law for the adoption of business management solutions.

The Master’s Degree studies in the Management programme in KTU are among the best Management Master’s degree studies at the Lithuanian universities (data of the magazine “Reitingai” (Rankings) of 2017).

The MSc. in Global Technology and Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship (GTIME) is a unique 2-year programme offered jointly by internationally distinguished universities with extraordinary competences in the field of Technology and Innovation Management as well as Entrepreneurship. All students will spend their first academic year at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) before they move on to their second-year destination. For the second year of studies students will be able to choose one of the partner universiteties according to specialization.

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– Other information: Ieva Likadzijauske

Code 6211LX031
Location Kaunas
School of Economics and Business
Cycle Second cycle
Field Management
Language Lithuanian
Study mode and duration Full-time studies - 2 y. (Cyclic, Evening-time)
Degree awarded Master of Business Management
  • Hamburg University of Technology
  • Technical University of Munchen
  • University of Nicosia
  • University of Vaasa
  • Warsaw School of Economics



The studies are based on global experience of the management of innovations and education of entrepreneurship

The study programme is prepared on the basis of the newest didactic experience of the universities of Stanford, Berkeley, and Aalto. The results of the study process are conditioned by interactive teaching methods, education based on case analysis, high competency of trained lecturers, and assimilation of the newest business-oriented European instruments. The majority of the graduates from this programme create successful innovative businesses, are the leaders of the creative teams and create in the companies that receive awards in the national and international business competitions.


The major focus is on the practical skills and business projects

The study programme mostly focuses on the education of practical skills and preparation of business projects. Since 2013, students participate in the annual competitions Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge and Silicon Valley Business Plan Competition taking place in the Silicon Valley, where they approve their project-based ideas among the top-level experts. In 2013, in the Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge competition, the KTU team was awarded in the category of “The Most Innovative Ideas”, whereas in 2014, they shared 4-8 places with other strongest teams.

Content of the study programme

A combination of education competencies is unique on the market of study programmes and is oriented to the modern-day business needs

The programme accentuates three essential competencies of management that supplement each other: (1) management of innovations, (2) development of organisations, and (3) management of the business value. Integration of management, technological, financial, and legal knowledge in study modules educates the specialists characterised by analytical thinking, creativeness and open-mindedness, able to create innovative businesses, improve business processes, to work in creative teams in various industries, develop the strategies of development of organisations reasoned by the value.


KTU Santaka Valley is an ideal place for the creation of ideas and development of business

KTU Science, Technology and Business Centre forms unique conditions for the approval of ideas in the university spaces, development and testing of prototypes, preparation of the business plans, and establishment of companies. The infrastructure is dedicated to new entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and all those engaged in the development of products aimed at changing the world. 40 start-ups are operating in the KTU Startup space base. Maybe your start-up will be the next one to establish in the Santaka Valley.

International Opportunities

Each student is provided with an opportunity to study in the chosen foreign university for at least one semester, conduct practice in a foreign business company, and integrate in the international research projects

Those studying under the Erasmus exchange contracts have an opportunity to study in the selected foreign university for a period of at least one semester or for an internship of over 9 months in a selected foreign business company. The majority of lecturers of this study programme belong to various international research and expert networks and associations that conduct wide-scale research projects. All initiative students are invited to join the team of international researchers with an aim to collect new knowledge of this field of studies and gain work experience in international projects.



Innovations – creation, implementation, economic assessment
Business development – development of innovative products, commercialisation of solutions, innovative business models, expansion of markets and strategies, attraction of capital, development of partnerships
Business value management – business evaluation, influence of innovations on the business value, connections, consolidation
Development of the “know-how” of organisations – creative thinking, dissemination of productive knowledge, protection, and commercialisation of ideas, management of intellectual capital.

Encouragement of creativeness Management of innovations Business development Business evaluation and value management

Master+ is a unique model within a chosen MSc programme

The Master+ model offers either to masterpiece in the chosen discipline by choosing the Field Expert track or to strengthen the interdisciplinary skills in addition to the main discipline by choosing the Interdisciplinary Expert track providing a choice of a different competence to compliment the chosen discipline and achieve a competitive advantage in one’s career.

Students of these study programmes can choose between the path of Field Expert and Interdisciplinary Expert. Selection is made in the academic information system. Each path (competence) consists of three subjects (18 credits) allocated as follows: 1 year 1 semester (autumn) – first subject (6 credits), 1 year 2 semester (spring) – second subject (6 credits), 2 year 3 semester – third subject (6 credits). A student, who chooses a path of the Field Expert, deepens knowledge and strengthens skills in the main field of studies. The one, who chooses a path of the Interdisciplinary Expert, acquires knowledge and skills in a different area or field of studies. Competence provides a choice of alternative additional subjects.

  • Field Expert (profound knowledge and skills in the area, required for solution of scientific research tasks);
  • Interdisciplinary Expert:
    (fields of different knowledge and skills are combined for solution of specific tasks);

Acquisition of the competence is certified by the issue of KTU certificate and entry in the appendix to the Master’s diploma. In addition, students can acquire an international certificate (details are provided next to each competence).

Competences are implemented by KTU lecturers – experts in their area – and high level business and public sector organizations; their employees deliver lectures, submit topics for the student’s theses, placement-oriented tasks for the projects, etc.


Edmundas Padvaiskas

General Director at UAB “Rosteka” (Lietuvos Gazelė 2014)


In order to develop competitive business, it is important to stay dynamic, creative, and not to be afraid to change. The growth and success of our company is conditioned by constant innovations directed to the creation of complex solutions to the client, the top quality, ensuring of environmental and social responsibility. The possibility for the client to offer the highest value arises from brave, proactive specialists who are oriented to changes and the need for whom we feel each and every day.

Artūras Kanapkis

Manager at UAB Baltic Synergy, the Developer of “Time Resistance”


The studies in this programme are one of the best decisions of my career. The quality of this study programme is conditioned both by its content and exclusive competency of lecturers. By studying this programme, I had an opportunity to work with the recognised professionals who provided me with valuable recommendations at the start of development of my business. I apply the acquired knowledge each and every day. They are the basis everyone must know before starting to create a business. The studies also opened the possibilities for me to study abroad and communicate with foreign professors here, in Lithuania. Some of the established contacts evolved into the professional cooperation.



Minimum requirements


Score structure

Component Coefficient
First component of the competition score

Average grade (CGPA) of University‘s Bachelor’s degree (min. length – 180 ECTS) and its supplement


Second component of the competition score

Research activities


Third component of the competition score

Motivation letter and online interview



Tuition fee

Foreign nationals with Lithuanian origins and EU citizens
Full-time studies 2952 €
Price per credit 49,2 €


Financial support