Marketing Management

These studies are oriented to the business needs and international marketing qualification standards the operation of which is based on constant involvement of marketing practitioners and foreign lecturers. The graduates from this study programme have a systemic attitude to the evaluation of modern marketing management knowledge, are able to perform expert evaluation of the marketing problems and adopt strategic and tactical marketing management decisions.

Marketing Management is one of the leading Master’s degree studies in the Marketing programmes at the Lithuania universities (2nd place in the rankings of 2017).

Study Programme Marketing Management is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). Kaunas University of Technology has joined forces with CIM to give students the opportunity to gain professional qualifications through the CIM Graduate Gateway.



Code 6211LX038
Location Kaunas
School of Economics and Business
Cycle Second cycle
Field Marketing
Language Lithuanian
Study mode and duration Full-time studies - 2 y. (Cyclic, Evening-time)
Degree awarded Master of Business Management



Perspectives on the labour market and higher than average wage

According to the data of Research and Higher Education Monitoring and Analysis Centre (MOSTA) of Lithuania the graduates from the KTU marketing studies are demanded on the labour market. According to the data of 2013, the employment of the graduates from the Marketing Management study programme was 100% and the wage was higher than average on the market.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is the leading professional body for marketers worldwide and exists to develop the marketing profession, maintain professional standards and improve the skills of marketing practitioners. Kaunas University of Technology has joined forces with CIM to give students the opportunity to gain professional qualifications through the CIM Graduate Gateway. CIM qualifications are highly sought after by employers, and their content is reflected in our own degrees which ensures we are equipping students with the best opportunities for a successful marketing career, – Ian Marshall, Head of CIM International Relations.

Programme content

Education of strong marketing management competencies

The Marketing Management study programme is oriented to the development of deep marketing management skills and abilities that are necessary for the advancement of career in the field of marketing management. Classical necessary competencies are acquired by getting deeper into the aspects of marketing management, international management, intercultural consumer behaviour, or relations marketing. The focus on the digital marketing decisions, entrepreneurial marketing and development of marketing strategy enables the assimilation of the tools stimulating the growth of modern market.

According to the data of Magazine “Reitingai” (Rankings) of 2014, it is the best study programme that prepares the specialists of the marketing field! According to data of 2015-2016, this programme is among the top 3.

Applicability of programme

Integration of theoretical knowledge and practical skills

The newest marketing management theories are coordinated with the ability to apply them in practice. The students are provided with an opportunity to solve marketing problems of actual business and non-business organisations in practice. Case studies, marketing simulations, and other projects are used for the integration of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


A modern marketing specialist understands the specifics of digital marketing

One of the pre-conditions for the modern marketing professional is to understand the particularities of digital marketing. The programme pays a great deal of attention to interactive marketing solutions covering social media, content marketing, mobile marketing, etc.


In this study programme, the knowledge is shared by guest lecturers from foreign universities and famous Lithuanian business practitioners

Competent specialists in their field of specialisation are delivering lectures in this programme. Guest foreign lecturers allow perceiving the particularities of strategic marketing in a global environment. Formation of practical skills is enabled though constant involvement of the practitioners of the Lithuanian marketing field to the study process.



Digital Marketing – social consumer, social media, content marketing, interactive communications, gamification
Entrepreneur marketing – innovations, creativeness, non-traditional communication solutions
Intercultural consumer behaviour – global/local consumers, decision-making styles, behavioural changes
Marketing strategy project – researches, strategy, business, partnership, value
Development and implementation of the marketing strategy Creation of consumer loyalty reward strategy and management of consumer experience Integration and coordination of digital and traditional marketing projects Planning and realisation of research and development

Master+ is a unique model within a chosen MSc programme

The Master+ model offers either to masterpiece in the chosen discipline by choosing the Field Expert track or to strengthen the interdisciplinary skills in addition to the main discipline by choosing the Interdisciplinary Expert track providing a choice of a different competence to compliment the chosen discipline and achieve a competitive advantage in one’s career.

Students of these study programmes can choose between the path of Field Expert and Interdisciplinary Expert. Selection is made in the academic information system. Each path (competence) consists of three subjects (18 credits) allocated as follows: 1 year 1 semester (autumn) – first subject (6 credits), 1 year 2 semester (spring) – second subject (6 credits), 2 year 3 semester – third subject (6 credits). A student, who chooses a path of the Field Expert, deepens knowledge and strengthens skills in the main field of studies. The one, who chooses a path of the Interdisciplinary Expert, acquires knowledge and skills in a different area or field of studies. Competence provides a choice of alternative additional subjects.

  • Field Expert (profound knowledge and skills in the area, required for solution of scientific research tasks);
  • Interdisciplinary Expert:
    (fields of different knowledge and skills are combined for solution of specific tasks);

Acquisition of the competence is certified by the issue of KTU certificate and entry in the appendix to the Master’s diploma. In addition, students can acquire an international certificate (details are provided next to each competence).

Competences are implemented by KTU lecturers – experts in their area – and high level business and public sector organizations; their employees deliver lectures, submit topics for the student’s theses, placement-oriented tasks for the projects, etc.


Gediminas Nemanis

The graduate from the Marketing Management studies of the year 2016, Founder and Manager of UAB “Rubbee”


By creating new products I understood that comprehensive engineering knowledge does not ensure the success of the product on the global markets. It is necessary to understand the consumer behaviour, their motivation to buy the product and the ways how to reach new potential markets. For this reason, I chose Marketing Management study programme and I can say for sure that I made a right choice. I am now able not only to create a new product, but also to sell it!

Monika Alimienė

Director of Sales and Marketing Department at UAB “EUROAPOTHECA”


I love this profession due to its opportunity to participate in the majority of business processes: to forecast market tendencies when creating and implementing business ideas and strategies, causing influence on the current market needs and forming the new ones, creating and enhancing business partnerships. Each day, marketing opens new paths – don’t be afraid to take them!

Giedrė Startienė

Key Accounts Manager at UAB “ACC Distribution”, the graduate from the Marketing Management study programme of the year 2014


Marketing is an integral part of modern-day business, whereas the studies of Marketing Management help to become a marketing professional with exclusive knowledge and competencies allowing the business to be successful and achieve the best results.
I can tell only positive feedbacks about the skills obtained over the two years of studies, because I can use them at my work each day!


Student’s competences:
– Analysis of the processes in the business environment and organisation identifying marketing problems and possibilities;
– Assurance of business objectives and sustainability in the organisation while forming its marketing strategy;
– Preparation of proposal for the value to the consumers and insurance of experience creating consumer satisfaction;
– Making of trade mark management, pricing, marketing channels and integrated marketing communication policy taking into consideration the specifics of various markets;
– Monitoring and assessment of efficiency of the organisation’s marketing activities;
– Knowledge and application of ethics and social responsibility principles in the organisation’s marketing activities.

Student’s skills:
– Able to recognise, critically analyse and assess complex marketing situations in the internal and global markets;
– Able to argue for selection of suitable methods and measures while solving functional marketing management problems in new and unfamiliar environment;
– Able to make strategic and tactical marketing management solutions to ensure business competitiveness;
– Able to prepare a marketing strategy project individually, to critically assess its success and recommend the actions for future projects.



You may become

– Performance and ordering of public opinion survey, analysis of results, and strategic planning of public relations and sales promotion campaigns;
– Representation of organisations and organisation of interviews with representatives of the media;
– Monitoring of the organisation’s internal and external communication content aiming for a favourable public opinion.

– Preparation and implementation of a long-term communication strategy taking into consideration the organisation’s strategic business objectives;
– Initiation and maintenance of communication with the target media;
– Dissemination of public information about the organisation via traditional and digital media channels.


Minimum requirements


Score structure

Component Coefficient
First component of the competition score

Average grade (CGPA) of University‘s Bachelor’s degree (min. length – 180 ECTS) and its supplement


Second component of the competition score

Research activities


Third component of the competition score

Motivation letter and online interview



Tuition fee

Foreign nationals with Lithuanian origins and EU citizens
Full-time studies 2952 €
Price per credit 49,2 €


Financial support