Marketing Management

From any part of the world, the entrepreneurs would agree that the marketers of today have to be able to provide for everything. In the whirlwind of intense competitions, only the quick-witted ones will be able to tell you how to leave the slow ones behind. Marketers are always able to explain current or future consumer desires and ultimately help businesses succeed.

The study program is accredited by the world-renowned CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing) organization, of which you can become a member. You have a unique opportunity to gain a professional qualification through the CIM Graduate Gateway program.


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Entry requirements

Application procedure

The programme is only conducted in Lithuanian language. Entry requirements for this particular programme can be found in the programme description provided in Lithuanian language.



Tuition fee

The indicated tuition fee is applied to 2024-2025 academic year.

Foreign nationals with Lithuanian origins and EU citizens
Full-time studies 4384 €
Price per credit 73,07 €
Partial tuition fee waiver can be applied for the study price.


Financial support






Module of the study programme by semesters


Digital Marketing – social consumer, social media, content marketing, interactive communications, gamification
Entrepreneur marketing – innovations, creativeness, non-traditional communication solutions
Intercultural consumer behaviour – global/local consumers, decision-making styles, behavioural changes
Marketing strategy project – researches, strategy, business, partnership, value
Development and implementation of the marketing strategy Creation of consumer loyalty reward strategy and management of consumer experience Integration and coordination of digital and traditional marketing projects Planning and realisation of research and development




You will become members of a prestigious marketing network

The study program is accredited by the globally respected CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing) organization, of which you can become a member. CIM’s mission is to develop the marketing profession, maintain high standards and improve practical skills. The CIM qualification is highly valued by employers, which ensures that we provide students with the best opportunities for a successful career in marketing.

You will become members of a prestigious marketing network

Knowledge of the markets “ins” and “outs”

While studying, you will gain an in-depth marketing management knowledge crucially needed for your career. Our aim is not only to teach you how to use the latest digital marketing tools, but also to explore the intercultural consumer behaviour, entrepreneurial marketing, strategy development, neuromarketing, and many more deep marketing perimeters.

Study wherever you like

With the Erasmus exchange program, you can go study at any foreign university for a semester or complete an internship at an international business of your choice.

Hands-on experience

You will have various opportunities to solve real-life problems of businesses and organisations in practice – including case studies, marketing simulations, and their application into existing companies or organisations. We are currently working together with the Marketing_Lab and LiMA (Lithuanian Marketing Association) to expand your selection of simulation experiences.

Guru of digital marketing

Marketing is not looking back; it adapts and always seeks for the newest and most effective methods. Together, we will be looking for answers to today’s most important communication questions using the latest digital, mobile, interactive, virtual tools as well as cover the entire world of social media and content marketing. Sounds good, doesn’t it?



Bright and broad career prospects

What will you be able to do?

– Recognise, critically analyse, and assess various complex marketing situations.
– Solve functional marketing management problems in a new and unfamiliar environment.
– Make strategic and tactical marketing management solutions to ensure the competitiveness of a business.
– Initiate integrated marketing communication policies, taking into consideration the ethics and social responsibility principles.

You may become

As a specialist, you will represent the interests of your company or organisation. You will be in charge of deciding on marketing and advertising plans, taking care of brand positioning, and performing budget and control strategy.

You will represent your company to the media or any other public organisation. You will be the one who knows the most about the company, you will monitor and manage the internal and external communication of the company, coordinate its dissemination, to have a favourable public opinion. In short, you will be the face of the company. No pressure!

A position that ensures the development and implementation of a long-term communication strategy; as a manager, you will keep close contact with the media and manage the public information of the organisation through traditional and digital media channels.




Lecturers. Experts in their field

Šarūnas Jasiukevičius

Šarūnas Jasiukevičius

Entrepreneurship, creativity in communication
Eleonora Šeimienė

Eleonora Šeimienė

Consumer Research
Tomaš Kincl

Tomaš Kincl

Strategic Marketing Management
Jūratė Banytė

Jūratė Banytė

Consumer Behavior and Neuromarketing
Žaneta Gravelines

Žaneta Gravelines

Scientific Research Methodology
Beata Šeinauskaitė

Beata Šeinauskaitė

Marketing Management, Marketing Metrics and Analytics
Aistė Dovalienė

Aistė Dovalienė

Relationship Marketing
Asta Tarutė

Asta Tarutė

Digital Marketing




Gediminas Nemanis

Gediminas Nemanis

CEO & Founder of "Rubbee" UAB


By creating new products I understood that comprehensive engineering knowledge does not ensure the success of the product on the global markets. It is necessary to understand the consumer behaviour, their motivation to buy the product and the ways how to reach new potential markets. For this reason, I chose Marketing Management study programme and I can say for sure that I made a right choice. I am now able not only to create a new product, but also to sell it!

Monika Alimienė

Monika Alimienė

Head of Marketing & Resource Mobilization at "Lithuanian Red Cross"


I love this profession due to its opportunity to participate in the majority of business processes: to forecast market tendencies when creating and implementing business ideas and strategies, causing influence on the current market needs and forming the new ones, creating and enhancing business partnerships. Each day, marketing opens new paths – don’t be afraid to take them!





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