Behind every successful product and global corporation stand creative and talented managers. This science field is never static – it changes in pace with the ever-changing world. Therefore, Management Master’s programme is intended for the students who want to get deeper knowledge in this area: understand how the organisations can improve their management, use the skills of their employees more efficiently and adapt to the globalised business rules. Here, you will learn how to make the activities of your organisation more socially responsible, team-oriented and adaptive.


Studies in the evenings and on weekends. Studies at Panevėžys Faculty of Technologies and Business make it easy to combine your work with lectures because they are provided in the evening and on weekends.

The duration of full-time studies is only 1.5 years.


Entry requirements

Application procedure

The programme is only conducted in Lithuanian language. Entry requirements for this particular programme can be found in the programme description provided in Lithuanian language.



Tuition fee

The indicated tuition fee is applied to 2024-2025 academic year.

Foreign nationals with Lithuanian origins and EU citizens
Full-time studies 4384 €
Part-time studies 2923 €
Price per credit 73,07 €
Partial tuition fee waiver can be applied for the study price.


Financial support






Module of the study programme by semesters





Real projects in a real team

Management is a practical science; therefore, it requires to face a real working environment. Here, you can implement your social or business projects creating added value to the business, educational institutions or your city. All of this is accomplished while working in the real team of your fellow students.

Promising career

After graduation, you can be employed in the service business, production, financial area or even civil service. People with this education often take managerial positions and are actively involved in the activities of various organisations.

Strong business partners

During studies, you will face the projects prepared by real representatives of business and industry: AB “Amilina”, UAB “RIMI Lietuva”, UAB “Baltgina”, UAB “Viking Malt”. The works prepared by you will be evaluated by our social partners, specialists of various areas from business, industrial, municipal or educational organisations.

Inspiring colleagues

The professionals of various areas who already have work experience will be your fellow students. They are advanced and strong students whose motivation will inspire you to do better while trying to find creative and interesting solutions to all the tasks provided during studies.



Your knowledge will enable you to do the following:

– Critically evaluate the strategic management of companies and propose the appropriate solutions.
– Structure the information and solve scientific and practical management problems or business situations.
– Widely apply the acquired knowledge of management and scientifically reason your opinion.

You may become

Manager of the company

These specialists organise and manage the works, supervise and improve the business processes. The manager of the institution represents his/her organisation in various negotiations, purchases, public discussions of projects and events.

Project manager

While performing this work, you will initiate the social and business ideas that will help to solve the arising problems or develop the new generation products at various companies, prepare the projects and manage the project team, communicate with the interested parties and commercialise the products of your project.


Excellent knowledge of management often enables people to establish successful businesses. The education in management will help to organise the business processes effectively, ensure smooth work of the private business and distribute the workload efficiently.


As a science field, management is constantly growing and changing. Therefore, in this area, there is a constant need for insightful, curious experts who bravely implement experimental development and research. Such scientists work at Lithuanian and foreign scientific organisations.




Lecturers. Experts in their field

Kua Harn Wei

Kua Harn Wei

Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore
Liudvika  Leišytė

Liudvika Leišytė

Professor at the Technical University of Dortmund (Germany)
Mantas Gudas

Mantas Gudas

General Director of „Metalistas“
Raimundas  Petrauskas

Raimundas Petrauskas

General Director of „Schmitz cargobull baltic“
Laszlo  Koczy

Laszlo Koczy

Széchenyi István University, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary), Professor




Rimantas Serva

Rimantas Serva

Representative of the Lithuanian Innovation Center in North-Eastern Lithuania


In cooperation with KTU Panevėžys Faculty of Technology and Business, I realised that the people working here are energetic and not afraid of change, who try to transfer the latest scientific and practical experience to the students in close cooperation with the businesses and listening to their needs. The applicability of knowledge in different business areas is a strong point of the MSc in Management.

Deivydas Norkūnas

Deivydas Norkūnas

Manager of the Panevėžys branch of Citadele Bank


It was worth choosing to study in the Master's degree programme "Management" at KTU Panevėžys Faculty of Technology and Business because of the opportunities to experience and discover more - from cultural exchange and international internship programmes, scientific conferences, innovative study materials and motivating lecture environments, to the daily pleasures of university life. The support of the teaching and administrative staff, the inspiration to create, to think differently and to actively participate in all areas of the academic community - socio-cultural, academic and scientific - was a joy. The study experience has enriched me as a person with the understanding that a big man extends a hand and a small man extends a foot. I believe that together we can do more!





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