Welcome to KTU

KTU has 20+ years of experience in welcoming international students. We are proud of our Welcome Week, Mentorship programme, Study@KTU Ambassadors.

Academic calendar

Autumn 2018/2019

Process Start End
Welcome Week 27 August 2018 31 August 2018
Opening Ceremony of New Academic Year 1 September 2018
Lecture period 3 September 2018 22 December 2018
Spring holidays 24 December 2018 1 January 2019
Exams session 2 January 2019 31 January 2019

Spring 2018/2019

Process Start End
Welcome Week 28 January 2019 3 January 2019
Lecture period 4 February 2019 31 May 2019
Spring holidays 22 April 2019 28 April 2019
Exams session 3 June 2019 28 June 2019

Maps and guides

Studies+: Academic issues and student life

Kaunas University of Technology is your University, even if you came here for a few weeks! Learn how the lectures are organised, what the academic calendar is and how your work will be assessed. Do not miss the opportunity to make sports, sing or dance, join student organisations and take full advantage of your time at KTU.

Map: Kaunas city and KTU campus

This guide helps you to know the Department for Internationalisation and International coordinators in the faculties, also it will help you not to get lost in the student campus of Kaunas University of Technology.


KTU offers dormitories for the students but it is up to you to choose whether to live here or search for a private accommodation and rent a flat.



Moving away, possibly for the first time, might feel daunting. Do not worry, we will make sure that wherever you choose to live it will soon feel like home. At KTU you will make friends with your new neighbours, cover your walls with photos and create memories that will stay with you forever.

KTU campus is located in a convenient area relatively close to the city centre and thanks to the well-developed transport network, all the other areas of the city are within a reach.

In total KTU has 12 dormitories where all undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students are accommodated. From 2013, dormitory No. 5 is announced an International Residence. Moreover, international students also live in dormitories No. 2, No. 8 and No. 10.

All rooms are equipped with all the necessary furniture for life and studies: a bed, a chair, a desk and a wardrobe. Bedding is also provided for international students. There is a kitchen with a cooker, a hob, fridge with a freezer and an area for preparing meal. So you will be able to have lovely breakfasts, lunches or dinners all together with your neighbours. All the residents of the dormitories have access to the internet. Also, free laundry and drying facilities are available on the site.

Monthly rent rates vary depending on the room type from €80 to €125. The fee is fixed and paid monthly until the 25th day of the month. All the residents, who move into a dormitory after the 15th of the month or move out of a dormitory before the 15th of the month, pay half of a monthly accommodation fee.


Dormitory group address:
Dormitory No. 10, Gričiupio g. 13, Kaunas
+370 696 733277

Private accommodation


If you prefer to have more space or to live in a certain area of Kaunas or have other reasons, you may choose renting a flat.

KTU International Studies Office (ISO) does not intermediate in finding the flat or dealing with the landlord.

Rental prices vary depending on the number of rooms, location, living conditions, period of rent, etc. Average rent prices are from 150 EUR to 400 EUR per month for a flat (1-3 rooms).

The rent is usually paid 3-6 months in advance, so you must have some money ready before arriving. Make sure that your landlord agrees for you to declare your living place in the municipality institutions otherwise you may have problems when applying or receiving temporary residence permit (TRP).

Solo Society Student House


Solo Society Student House is created for living and studying in active students’ community.

Each apartment has personal kitchen and bathroom. Joint leisure, meditation, studying zones, big kitchens for friends and family dinner, fast Wi-Fi, laundry rooms with washers and dryers, gym hall, rooftop terrace with a view to Kaunas city centre. Safe surrounding with 24/7 working administration and security. Living without any problem – all taxes and utility fees (water, electricity, heating) included.

Prices from 299 EUR per month.

Contact details: Kestucio str. 36, Kaunas | +370 657 88805 | info@solosociety.lt | www.solosociety.lt

Health and insurance


Make sure that you get health insurance or have European Health Insurance Card for your stay in Lithuania. If you have special medical prescription, do not forget to take them with you.

Citizens of EU/EEA Countries


Please acquire an adequate health/travel insurance for studies at KTU. Citizens of EU/EEA countries simply need to obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from the social security authorities in their home country. Holders of EHIC cards are entitled to the same benefits provided by the Lithuanian Insurance Institution as Lithuanian citizens. Private insurance for acute illnesses and accidents is highly recommended.

Citizens of other countries


Students from non-EU countries may obtain their health insurance either in their country or in Lithuania.

  1. If you come to Lithuania without a visa, acquire the health insurance for 3 months and then extend it when applying for visa.
  2. If you came holding national D visa, it means you have health insurance for the validity period of the said visa.

It costs approximately 115 EUR per year if you purchase it in Lithuania.
Students from non-EU countries applying for the temporary residence permit in Lithuania have to prove to the migration office that they have a valid health insurance.


If you have to visit the hospital in the emergency case, go directly to the Emergency office, usually indicated in Lithuanian: PRIĖMIMO SKYRIUS.


If you need to call an ambulance, dial 112 – Emergency Number. There are no charges for ambulance transport in case of emergency.


KTU has an agreement with one family clinic, which provides medical services for KTU students:



Savanorių pr. 169, Kaunas

Registry phone +370 37 202882 (both receptionists speak English)


Working hours I– V 8:00 – 19:00



Before going to the clinic please always make an appointment by phone.

Do not forget to take your passport and insurance (private one or European Health Insurance Card), when going to the clinic. Doctors: Kristina Borkienė and Lina Oliandrienė



Living abroad you have to cope with new culture, people and new habits, so sometimes you can feel lonely and homesick. But remember that you can contact your teachers or study advisors and talk about your personal problems, but do not hesitate to get professional help as well. They can help you to solve learning problems, personal, emotional and daily life difficulties.


Psychologist Rūta Kavaliauskaitė

Studentų g. 63A-207



Consultation hours

I-IV 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

V 8:00 AM-3:45 PM

Student cards


There are two types of student cards:

  • ISIC – International Student Identity Card
  • LSP – Lithuanian Student Card


ISIC is internationally recognised proof of student status issued in over 130 countries. The card allows you to prove your student status worldwide as well as gain access to discounts and benefits in over 125,000 locations. ISIC is also accepted by various Lithuanian institutions.


How to order ISIC?


a) If you come for exchange studies, you can get ISIC at your home country.
Note: Some places may not accept non-European ISIC as a valid student document.


b) Order ISIC at either Zigzag Travel (E. Ožeškienės g. 27), Megaturas (Islandijos pl. 32), ZIP Travel (Kęstučio g. 57-1) or Pasaulio lietuvių centas (S. Daukanto g. 11). After going to one of these places, an ISIC card can be made in several minutes.
Note: Megaturas, ZIP Travel and Pasaulio lietuvių centas may ask you for a document confirming your status as a student which can be issued at your faculty.


ISIC card is valid for 9 – 16 months depending on your study cycle and the time, when you have ordered it.


The price of ISIC:

  • 9 EUR – Classic ISIC
  • 10 EUR – ISIC with Kaunas public transport e-ticket


LSP is a document that proves your student status in Lithuania. With this document you will have the right to use KTU libraries and equipment as well as to take your exams. LSP will provide you with discounts for public transport, internet access, copying and other facilities. It’s your document for studies and leisure.


How to order LSP?


Go to https://lsp.lt/en (choose English language if it’s Lithuanian by default), click on “Register”, enter requested information very carefully and follow the directions. If you need a confirmation that you are a student of KTU, go to your faculty and ask to issue a document confirming your student status.


When your status in the section “LSP form assigned department” is “LSP form was accepted”, choose a branch of Swedbank where you’ll bring your LSP form, indicate the day and the time of the appointment, print your form (2 copies) and the bank receipt. Fill in the indicated form, glue on your recent photo on it and go to the branch that you have indicated and pay for LSP.


The price of LSP

The price of a new LSP varies from 4.50 EUR to 12 EUR (+ bank taxes).

The price depends on the duration of your studies and your study cycle.



  • The making process of LSP is a few weeks longer than ISIC.
  • LSP is valid for a whole study cycle than ISIC approximately for a 1 year.
  • Each student can get ISIC, only students with valid TRP can get LSP.



Since we do not want you to feel lost at the beginning of your study period (and of course during the studies), University and ESN KTU will assign you a mentor. The main aim of this is to create couples, consisting of a new incoming student and a mentor. Mentor is usually a Lithuanian or an international student who already knows KTU ant Kaunas very well and is able to help you.


A mentor contacts new students before their arrival, advise them about what they should pack in their luggage, answers the questions regarding all the matters starting from weather condition in Lithuania to places for leisure in Kaunas. Then, a mentor usually picks up new students upon their arrival to the city or during their first days here, takes them to the dormitory and helps them to arrange all the formalities and do the registration. From there, everything is up to you – a mentor is your first friend here, so you can hang out together, spend your free time discovering new places in Kaunas, travel, party and study together, arrange collective dinners to increase the cultural knowledge, etc. Even if the things with your mentor are not going according to the original plan, you can be sure that you will always have a person whom you can contact in case of an emergency or when you’re having some questions.

How to reach Kaunas


There are 5 main means to reach Kaunas: by plane, by bus, by train, by ferry and by car. Some options may lead you to Vilnius which sometimes is more convenient for the arrival by plane. Do not worry, Vilnius is just 100 km away from Kaunas, just follow the directions below.

If you use public transport, destination in Kaunas is Kaunas Bus Station (Kauno autobusų stotis) or Kaunas Train station (Kauno geležinkelio stotis). They are situated next to each other and close to the city centre. Read how to Reach Dormitory for directions from both of the Stations.



Lithuania has three international airports in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga (close to Klaipėda, the seaport), which can be reached from the main European cities as well as from all over the world. Some of you can choose arriving to Riga, Latvia, and then taking a bus to Kaunas. There is a number of possibilities at every airport to use ATM machines, to exchange money, rent a car and use a corner shop where you can buy phone cards, bus tickets, snacks and drinks.

Kaunas International Airport. Kaunas Airport is situated in Karmėlava, only 14 km away from Kaunas. -> www.kaunas-airport.lt

You can reach Kaunas Bus or Train Station easily:


  • The bus stop is on the left from the arrivals hall exit.
  • Bus No. 29 route Kaunas Airport (Karmėlava) -> Savanorių pr. -> Bus Station -> Train Station. After ~45 min. get off at the Train Station (Geležinkelio stotis).
  • You can take a bus from ~ 5:00 AM till 11:00 PM. The last bus leaves the airport for the city centre only after the last flight has arrived.
  • Ticket from the driver costs 1.00 EUR. E-ticket card at the press kiosk – 1.50EUR.
  • You can check the bus route and precise timetables on www.stops.lt/kaunas/ Also you can use Mobile Apps for public transport -> Trafi


  • LocationYou will find taxi at the arrivals hall exit.
  • It may cost you ~20 EUR to reach the dormitory.
  • You can book a taxi online by using Mobile Apps -> eTAXI
  • Vilnius International Airport. Vilnius Airport is the main international airport in Lithuania with permanent luggage storage, currency exchange at the arrival hall, cafes and 2 airport hotels nearby. -> www.vilnius-airport.ltYou can go to Kaunas by regular bus or by train.FROM VILNIUS AIRPORT TO KAUNAS.
    • You will find Ollex buses at the arrivals hall exit.
    • Ollex buses may take you straight to Kaunas (Savanorių pr. 404b).
    • It will cost you ~10 EUR to reach Kaunas.
    • More information you will find here -> www.airport-express.lt


    Therefore, you need to reach Vilnius Bus Station or Vilnius Train Station which are situated next to each other.

    BY BUS.

    • The bus stop is on the left from the arrivals hall exit.
    • Buses No. 1, 2 and 88 go from the airport to the Bus and Train Stations (~15 min.)
    • You can take a bus from ~5:30 AM till 10:00 PM.
    • You may buy a ticket from the driver for 1 EUR (0.50 EUR with ISIC International Student Card).
    • You can check the bus route and precise timetables on www.stops.lt/vilnius. Also you can use Mobile Apps for public transport -> Trafi


    • The train stop is 150 metres straight as you exit the arrivals hall (keep on the left side of the road; there is an elevator down to the station).
    • The train goes from the airport to the Train station (~7 min.).
    • You can take a train from 5:57 AM till 10:16 PM.
    • One-way fare is 0.72 EUR (purchased on the train).
    • More information can be found here -> www.litrail.lt

    BY TAXI.

    • LocationYou will find taxi at the arrivals hall exit.
    • Ask the driver to take you to the Bus or Train Station.
    • Depending on the hour, it may cost you ~10 EUR.
    • You can book a taxi online by using Mobile Apps -> Taxi Lt, eTAXI, Taxify and Uber.

    Once you are at Vilnius Bus Station or Vilnius Train Station, you may reach Kaunas within 1 hour 30 minutes.


    • The bus arrives to Kaunas Bus Station.
    • Busses from Vilnius to Kaunas go approx. every 30 minutes.
    • The price may vary from 6.37 to 7 EUR (ISIC gives discounts).
    • You can check the timetables at -> www.autobusubilietai.lt


    • Train arrives to Kaunas Train Station.
    • Trains from Vilnius to Kaunas go every hour from 04:40 AM till 9:00 PM.
    • You may purchase a ticket at the ticket office (Bilietų kasos) inside the building, price varies from 4.63 to 6.37 EUR (ISIC gives discounts).
    • You can check the timetables at -> www.litrail.lt

Palanga International Airport. Palanga International Airport is situated 25 km away from Klaipėda. You can take a bus or taxi to Klaipėda Bus Station (30 min, at the price of about 26 EUR) and then reach Kaunas by bus. ->www.palanga-airport.lt

Riga International Airport (Latvia). Although Riga Airport is in another country (Latvia), it is only ~260 km from Kaunas. Thus, sometimes it is faster to fly to Riga and to reach Kaunas by bus than to wait for a transfer flight. First of all, you need to go to Riga Bus Station.

  • Bus stop is located opposite the terminal behind the car park P1.
  • Bus No. 22 or Airport Express minibus will take you to Riga Bus Station.
  • Buses to Riga Bus Station go every 10-30 min. Journey will take about 30 min.
  • You may buy ticket at the driver and it will cost ~2 EUR.
  • More information can be found here -> www.rigassatiksme.lv


  • Buses will take you to Kaunas Bus Station in approx. 5 hours.
  • Bus connections from Riga to Kaunas are organised couple of times a day
  • One-way ticket is ~18 EUR.
  • Check for the bus timetables, costs, etc. -> www.autoosta.lv

Latvia and Lithuania are the members of the Schengen Area, so you do not need any extra visas.


If you live in one of neighbouring countries, you can take a bus: it is quite popular and convenient. You may choose between some of the popular international lines, such as Eurolines, Ecolines, etc.

Kaunas Bus Station -> www.autobusubilietai.ltwww.kautra.lt

Vilnius Bus Station ->www.autobusustotis.ltwww.toks.lt

Eurolines Baltic International -> www.eurolines-lithuania.ltwww.eurolines.lt

Ecolines -> www.ecolines.net

LUX Express -> www.luxexpress.eu



Although, trains are very popular in most of the European countries, the railway network in Lithuania is not much developed. However, there are several international railways passing through Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Klaipėda and Panevėžys. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices in railway stations, which are open 24 hours. ->www.litrail.lt



In Lithuania the connections in motor highway are very good between the main cities: from Vilnius (E85/A1), from Riga (Latvia) (E67/A1) or from Warsaw (Poland) (E67/A5).


If you live in one of neighbouring countries, you can take a bus: it is quite popular and convenient. You may choose between some of the popular international lines, such as Eurolines, Ecolines, etc.

Kaunas Bus Station -> www.autobusubilietai.lt, www.kautra.lt

Vilnius Bus Station ->www.autobusustotis.lt, www.toks.lt

Eurolines Baltic International -> www.eurolines-lithuania.lt, www.eurolines.lt

Ecolines -> www.ecolines.net



Although, trains are very popular in most of the European countries, the railway network in Lithuania is not much developed. However, there are several international railways passing through Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Klaipėda and Panevėžys. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices in railway stations, which are open 24 hours. ->www.litrail.lt



In Lithuania the connections in motor highway are very good between the main cities: from Vilnius (E85/A1), from Riga (Latvia) (E67/A1) or from Warsaw (Poland) (E67/A5).


How to reach dormitory once you are in Kaunas


  • From the Train Station (Geležinkelio stotis) the bus stop is on the same side as the Train Station or from the Bus Station (Autobusų stotis) the bus stop is on the opposite side of the street than the Bus Station.
  • Take bus No. 39 or trolley No. 5, 7, 16, go for 3 or 4 stops and get off at Breslaujos stop (for dormitory No. 2) or Pašilės stop (for dormitories No. 5, 8 and 10).
  • You can take a bus or a trolley 4-5 times in an hour.
  • Ticket from the driver costs 1.00 EUR. E-ticket card (Kauno Kortelė) at the corner shop – 1.50 EUR.
  • You can check the bus route and precise timetables on www.stops.lt/kaunas/ Also you can use Mobile Apps for public transport -> Trafi
  • For more details about public transport in Kaunas please check www.kvt.lt/en/

To do list

  • Bring education documents. Check if you have all required documents with you.
  • Take your passport or ID card. Do not forget your passport or ID card, take your international student card (ISIC, for example), your driving licence and other documents that are necessary abroad (translated into English).
  • Be ready for climate change. We suggest the students to keep abroad just the essential warm clothing, as you can buy the remaining warm clothes and shoes here in Lithuania.
  • Take some cash. You should have enough money for your first few days to pay the accommodation deposit, to get student identity card and public transport ticket or to buy some other things to make your life comfortable here.
  • Save the contact info. Do not forget all the necessary addresses, maps and phone numbers of contact persons of the ISO or mentors.

Important contacts

International Studies Office

K. Donelaičio g. 73, room 104

LT-44349 Kaunas

+370 35 300 036


Welcome Week

2019 Spring

Welcome Week gives you a good opportunity to obtain information about KTU and Lithuania. It is also the best time to meet other students who are starting their studies here.

Dear New Student,


We proudly invite you to be a part of the first adventure in your University!


Participate in introductory lectures, get the knowledge about study processes and University‘s life, participate in various activities, meet your colleagues and make new friends!

We will make sure that the first University experience will be unforgettable.

Welcome Party


ESN sections of Kaunas unite to bring together all the students who came to this town for the Autumn semester.


Music, flashlights and fun.

Start your Erasmus+ experience in a luxurious way. ESN Lithuania is inviting you to the Kaunas Welcome Party in which you will meet your fabulous fellow students.

You can get tickets at your local ESN section or at the entrance to the event.

Enjoy Erasmus+ beginning!

Previous Welcome Weeks

Are you wondering what to expect from Welcome Week? Take a look at feedback and photos from previous events.

On 27 August – 2 September, KTU welcomed new students. People from all over the world spent their first week at the University participating in seminars about the university life and living in Kaunas, were introduced to possibilities to join organisations, arts and sports groups at KTU. Students tried traditional Lithuanian dances, had a tour around student campus and main places in Kaunas, participated in picnic, movie night, festive opening ceremony. The week ended with a tour to Lithuanian capital Vilnius and historical capital Trakai.


On January 29 – February 4, KTU welcomed the new students with Welcome Week 2017/2018 Spring events. Students from all over the world spent their first week at the University participating in seminars about the university life and living in Kaunas, were introduced to possibilities to join organisations, arts and sports groups at KTU. The week ended with a tour to the capitals – to the old Lithuanian capital Trakai and to the current one, Vilnius.

Welcome Week 2016-2017 Autumn

Welcome Week kicked off at KTU during 24 August – 2 September 2017. Students from all around the world gathered together for the adventure in the university. With lots of creative and fun activities, KTU has a unique way to welcome international students – they are participating in introductory lectures, signing up for student organizations and making friends with fellow students, as well as taking part in various games, sport activities, movie night, picnic or orientation around the campus.

The university received nearly a thousand applications for admission this year. The university is growing and expanding geographically – students from different continents and distant countries such as South Korea, Mexico or Brazil are joining KTU this year.

It’s been almost a week since I arrived and I love it. Couple of my friends, who are students at KTU, recommended the university and the country, so I decided to apply and – luckily for me – I also received a scholarship. Lithuania is a growing European Union country, so there are a lot of opportunities. I’m also planning to participate in Erasmus+ internship programme in order to gain international work experience. People I met in Kaunas so far are very kind and helpful and it’s also a big plus.

– Hasan from Azerbaijan

Welcome Week 2016-2017 Spring

Welcome Week

Welcome Week

Welcome Week

Welcome Week

The Welcome Week for international students this spring was held from 30th January to 5th February 2017 and it has passed by in a blink of an eye. It was filled with exciting introductory activities, some paperwork, new sights, new beginnings, and the joy which, hopefully, will be long lasting.

The week started by letting newcomers register and formalise their arrival, introduce themselves to each other, to Erasmus Student Network (ESN) KTU, and to the Department for Internationalisation. Shy faces, eyes asking: “Is it always this cold?”, and an evident uneasiness of being in an unknown environment gradually faded away. As they got a chance to say “Hi”, to play some introductory games, and to be officially welcomed to the university, the strangers became friends.

The second day was marked by numerous presentations given by representatives of University and various organisations. New students learned some things about the country and its culture, and about what to expect. The day was wrapped up with the surprise from Nemunas art club, where students learned some traditional games and dances and were fuelled with good mood to last the whole semester.

During the next days the new students were introduced to all the practicalities, important for student life to run smoothly. The seriousness was balanced by the fun movie night, campus tour full of fun tasks and, finally, by the Welcome Party. The week ended by a bus trip to Vilnius and the old Lithuanian capital city Trakai. Students from many countries of the world were happy to see what Lithuania looks like beyond Kaunas and, surely, it will not be their last trip outside the city.

“I came to Lithuania because my grandfather is Lithuanian and I wanted to experience this country, which in some ways is a part of me and my family tree. One of my goals while I’m here is to learn the basics of Lithuanian language”.

Liene Bakāne from Latvia

Each and every student has their own intentions for coming to Lithuania: finding new friends, visiting a new country, or, like Jan Balek from Czech Republic, finding an internship and get involved in teaching at a local school.

Welcome Week is just a start for the exciting study journey. Hopefully, all 200 students who joined KTU this spring, will find this journey fulfilling and an enriching, both academically and personally.

Welcome Week 2016-2017 Autumn

Welcome Week for international students arriving to KTU was held from 26th August to 4th September 2017. Full week of events ranging from city and campus tours to lectures on Lithuanian culture and University life will provide a fresh start to the new members of our international community.

Lectures, discussions, tours to Vilnius and to the old capital of Lithuania, Trakai, picnic and even a flash mob were among the highlights of the 10-day greeting event. The organisers, KTU Department of International Relations, with the help of volunteers aimed to make the start of the new academic year for the international “freshers” as smooth as possible.

Around 130 degree and around 160 exchange students started their studies at KTU this autumn. We are happy to welcome students from the countries where our university has been popular for several years now (Italy, Turkey, Germany, India and Azerbaijan), and are greeting the students from South Korea, Malaysia, Sweden. Young people from Venezuela, Nepal and the United States are among the degree students joining KTU student community this year.