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KTU Student’s guide


Here you will find all information needed for your first weeks in KTU.

“Live like a local”


Interactive practical survival guide for students arriving and studying in Lithuania. The guide will tell you what is worth visiting, tasting and experiencing. Here you will find about weather, public transport, student discounts, employment, local dictionary and much more.






Student cards


There are two types of student cards:

  • ISIC – International Student Identity Card
  • LSP – Lithuanian Student Card


ISIC is internationally recognised proof of student status issued in over 130 countries. The card allows you to prove your student status worldwide as well as gain access to discounts and benefits in over 125,000 locations. ISIC is also accepted by various Lithuanian institutions.


How to order ISIC?

  1.  If you come for exchange studies, you can get ISIC at your home country.
    Note: Some places may not accept non-European ISIC as a valid student document.
  2. Pre-order ISIC before arrival and pick it up during Welcome Week in the University. For such opportunity, follow the facebook group to which you will/was be invited as a new student.
  3. Once already in Lithuania you can also order ISIC at  Zigzag Travel (E. Ožeškienės g. 27).


ISIC card is valid for 9 – 16 months depending on your study cycle and the time, when you have ordered it.


The price of ISIC:

  • 12 EUR – Classic ISIC
  • 13 EUR – ISIC with Kaunas public transport e-ticket


LSP is a document that proves your student status in Lithuania. With this document you will have the right to use KTU libraries and equipment as well as to take your exams. LSP will provide you with discounts for public transport, internet access, copying and other facilities. It’s your document for studies and leisure.


How to order LSP?


Go to (choose English language if it’s Lithuanian by default), click on “Register”, enter requested information very carefully and follow the directions. If you need a confirmation that you are a student of KTU, go to your faculty and ask to issue a document confirming your student status.


When your status in the section “LSP form assigned department” is “LSP form was accepted”, choose a branch of Swedbank where you’ll bring your LSP form, indicate the day and the time of the appointment, print your form (2 copies) and the bank receipt. Fill in the indicated form, glue on your recent photo on it and go to the branch that you have indicated and pay for LSP.


The price of LSP

The price of a new LSP varies from 4.50 EUR to 12 EUR (+ bank taxes).

The price depends on the duration of your studies and your study cycle.



Since we do not want you to feel lost at the beginning of your study period (and of course during the studies), University and ESN KTU will assign you a mentor. The main aim of this is to create couples, consisting of a new incoming student and a mentor. Mentor is usually a Lithuanian or an international student who already knows KTU ant Kaunas very well and is able to help you.


A mentor contacts new students before their arrival, advise them about what they should pack in their luggage, answers the questions regarding all the matters starting from weather condition in Lithuania to places for leisure in Kaunas. Then, a mentor usually picks up new students upon their arrival to the city or during their first days here, takes them to the dormitory and helps them to arrange all the formalities and do the registration. From there, everything is up to you – a mentor is your first friend here, so you can hang out together, spend your free time discovering new places in Kaunas, travel, party and study together, arrange collective dinners to increase the cultural knowledge, etc. Even if the things with your mentor are not going according to the original plan, you can be sure that you will always have a person whom you can contact in case of an emergency or when you’re having some questions.

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