Communication Studies and Information Management Technologies

This study programme combines communication and technological sciences and prepares communication specialists who are able and keen to work in multicultural environment in business, government or public sector. Study curriculum is built upon project-based activities and real issues’ solving. Practitioners and lecturers from abroad often participate in the study process. An important part of this programme is technologies, “human touch in high tech environment”, which enable students of social studies to analyse, create, and manage content. It is the first Bachelor’s programme in Lithuania which lasts 3 years and is implemented together with the University of Twente (Netherlands). Students have a possibility to study in the University of Twente for one semester.

Entry requirements
Code 6121JX069
Location Kaunas
Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities
Cycle First cycle
Field Communication
Language Lithuanian
Study mode and duration Full-time studies - 3 y.
Degree awarded Bachelor of Social Sciences


Student’s competences

Information management competences; Competences of development of textual/audio-visual content; Competences of ICT application; Media literacy.


Student’s skills:

– Able to manage information in a targeted manner using IC technologies;

– Able to apply theory and methods of communication;

– Able to critically analyse and create information (content), select the instruments corresponding to the audience’s needs.



You may become

Public relations specialist

Planning and organisation of promotion campaigns and communication strategies;
Performance and ordering of a public opinion survey, analysis of results, and planning of public relations and sales promotion campaigns;
Representation of organisations and organisation of interviews with representatives of the media;
Selection, assessment and review of the material submitted by writers, photographers, illustrators and other specialists working in the area of advertisement aiming for a favourable public opinion.

Management and organisation analyst

Performance of work research and review while analysing the applied and proposed methods, administrative and office procedures;
Assistance in implementation of the approved recommendations, revision of guidelines and procedure manuals, as well as preparation of other documents;
Guidance of customers towards an efficient organisation and search for solutions to organisational problems;
Registration and analysis of the organisation’s operational structural schemes, reports, manuals and job descriptions.

Author and other writer

Creating an idea, writing and editing of prose and other published or presented works;
Selection of the published material, revision of style, correctness of language and accuracy of content, organisation of all required reviews and revision of a trial copy before printing;

Web and multimedia developer

Analysis, design and development of websites combining artistry and creativity with software and scenario language, as well as interface with operational environment;
Design and development of digital animation, photographs, games, audio and video clips, Internet applications using multimedia software, tools and measures, interactive graphics and programming languages;
Design, development and integration of computer code with such specialised inputs as photographs, audio files and scenario language for development, supervision and maintenance of websites;
Maintenance of communication with network specialists regarding safety and website hosting for control and insurance of safety of the Internet and web server, distribution of space, user access, continuous operation, network’s backup copy and recovery plan.


Minimum requirements

Proficiency in English
Language requirements

IELTS ≥5.5, TOEFL ≥75, CEFR ≥B1, or equivalent

Eligibility CGPA
High school certificate

Maximum 3 years after high school graduation is eligible.

Often you can get a suitable transcript from your school. If this is not the case, you will need official translations along with verified copies of the original.

The entry qualification documents are accepted in the following languages: English / Russian.

The documents must be legalised (Apostille) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the documents were issued. This requirement does not apply for the documents issued in the EU and Belarus, Ukraine.

Minimum average grade (CGPA) > 60 % in each entry subject.


Score structure


Tuition fee

Foreign nationals with Lithuanian origins and EU citizens
Full-time studies 1466 €
Price per credit 24,43 €


Financial support