In a modern business environment, the success of organisation lies in the ability to create and maintain a competitive advantage. The role of marketing is to identify the sources of competitive advantages and ensure the ability of organisation to make the use of them. This requires the knowledge of the user and his needs, the ability to create innovative goods, develop the communication of trademark through traditional and digital channels, etc. Close relations with business are maintained in this study programme and exchange in international experience allows gaining detailed marketing knowledge that is useful in developing innovations, making traditional and non-traditional decisions in the actual market situations.

According to the data of magazine “Reitingai” (Rankings) of 2017, it is the best Bachelor’s degree study programme for the preparation of marketing specialists at the Lithuanian universities.

Code 6121LX024
Location Kaunas
School of Economics and Business
Cycle First cycle
Field Marketing
Language Lithuanian
Study mode and duration Full-time studies - 4 y. (Day-time)
Degree awarded Bachelor of Business Management
  • Maia Institute of Higher Education
  • Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena
  • Universidade de Beira Interior



Marketing studies at the university of technologies

Marketing studies at the university of technologies allow to prepare a specialist who has a systemic approach to marketing and understands its relation with other processes taking place in the organisation. We prepare marketing analysts who are able to analyse business environment, conduct research, interpret information, identify marketing problems, and accept solutions that are adequate to the market situation. Marketing competencies are enhanced by working in interdisciplinary teams with the students of technology sciences.

Knowledge and skills

Orientation to the development of skills meeting the needs of the market

It is important for the marketing specialist to know the modern user and his needs, know how to encourage him to make a traditional or electronic purchase, be able to develop communication in order to raise the profile of the trademark or image both by traditional methods and in the social media or by using other tools of digital marketing.

The students of this programme are provided with an unique opportunity to acquire the necessary skills of digital marketing by participating in Google competition “Google Online Marketing Challenge”. The consultations are provided in order to become certified Google AdWords specialists.


Close cooperation with business during the studies

Close relations with business are maintained during the studies in order to provide the students with an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice, by adopting decisions in actual market situations which they present to the business representatives themselves. It is an excellent opportunity to establish relations with potential employers during the studies.

Achievements of students

The achievements of students reveal a baggage of knowledge and skills acquired in the study programme

The students of marketing programme became the first Lithuanians who were the runners-up in the competition “Google Online Marketing Challenge”. 3 teams of marketing students reached the finale and two of them won the first places in the categories of the world and the European social media marketing awards. The ideas of marketing students – a self-drying cloth and a dog collar performing the protective function – were presented in the exhibition of works of young researchers called “Technorama 2015” and received a great deal of attention from the visitors of the exhibition and the media.


Sharing of knowledge and experience of foreign and Lithuanian lecturers

The lecturers from famous foreign universities (Lancaster University (Great Britain), Salford University (Great Britain), Prague University of Economics (Czech Republic), Riga University of Technology (Latvia), etc.), as well as famous marketing practitioners of Lithuania are invited to share their knowledge with the students of this study programme.



Marketing – good, price, distribution, support
Market – research, size, growth, tendencies
Consumers – needs, behaviour, trademarks
Communication – advertising, relations with society, social media
Preparation and implementation of the marketing plan Development of trademarks and creation of image Preparation of marketing communication plan Planning and realisation of digital marketing solutions


Vilija Balčiūnaitė

Communication Coordinator at KTU, the graduate from the Marketing study programme of the year 2015


One of the most essential objectives of my life was to acquire higher education in a value-added higher-education institution which is namely the Kaunas University of Technology. For this reason, I will always remember the Marketing studies in this University as an opportunity to learn from interesting, competent, inventive, and motivating lecturers. I will always remember your support and all the results achieved together... As well as the projects with actual business companies, international experiences and, of course, the half-year studies under the Erasmus programme in France.

Vydmantė Rastokaitė

Marketing Manager at UAB "Kauen Craft", the graduate from the Marketing study programme of the year 2016


Marketing fascinates as a perspective and dynamic field. You have to change every day with it and there is no routine in here.
Studies in KTU helped me to understand who I am and what I want in life. Constant integration of business and studies, close and warm communication with lecturers – these were the biggest advantages of this programme for me personally.


Student’s competences:
– Analysis of processes in the business environment and in the organisation identifying marketing problems and possibilities;
– Use of innovative methods identifying consumers’ needs;
– Making of trade mark management, pricing, marketing channels and integrated marketing communication policy taking into consideration the specifics of various markets;
– Knowledge and application of ethics and social responsibility principles in the organisation’s marketing activities.

Student’s skills:
– Able to assess the processes in the organisation and its environment and make decisions increasing its competitiveness;
– Able to select suitable measures and methods for solution of marketing and other functional organisation’s problems;
– Able to prepare a marketing plan and organise its implementation using analytical thinking and creativity;
– Able to make trade mark management, pricing, marketing channels and integrated marketing communication policy taking into consideration the specifics of various markets.



You may become

– Performance and ordering of public opinion survey, analysis of results, and strategic planning of public relations and sales promotion campaigns;
– Representation of organisations and organisation of interviews with representatives of the media;
– Monitoring of the organisation’s internal and external communication content aiming for a favourable public opinion.

– Establishment of the organisation’s objectives and strategy, aiming for increased customer satisfaction;
– Analysis and assessment of available organisational systems, structures and procedures;
– Search for ways to solve organisational problems.


Minimum requirements

Proficiency in English
Language requirements

IELTS ≥5.5, TOEFL ≥75, CEFR ≥B2, or equivalent

Eligibility CGPA
High school certificate

Maximum 3 years after high school graduation is eligible.

Often you can get a suitable transcript from your school. If this is not the case, you will need official translations along with verified copies of the original.

The entry qualification documents are accepted in the following languages: English / Russian.

The documents must be legalised (Apostille) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the documents were issued. This requirement does not apply for the documents issued in the EU and Belarus, Ukraine.

Minimum average grade (CGPA) > 60 % in each entry subject.


Score structure


Tuition fee

Foreign nationals with Lithuanian origins and EU citizens
Full-time studies 1680 €
Price per credit 28 €


Financial support