Business and Entrepreneurship

These are the studies which can put you into the chair of the richest people in the world. No kidding. But we emphasize the word “can”. The studies are not just a discipline – they are a choice, reflecting your ambitious goals.

The task of entrepreneurs is to convert their goals into reality, to look for business solutions that increase competitiveness, to apply them in practice, and to manage a successful company themselves.


Location Kaunas
School of Economics and Business
Cycle First cycle
Field Business Studies
Language Lithuanian
Form Full-time studies - 4 y. (day-time; on-campus)
Degree awarded Bachelor of Business Management
Specialisations Export Management,
Business Strategy and Sales
Yearly Price  i Full-time studies - 2954 €

Entry requirements

Application procedure

The programme is only conducted in Lithuanian language. Entry requirements for this particular programme can be found in the programme description provided in Lithuanian language.



Tuition fee

The indicated tuition fee is applied to 2024-2025 academic year.

Foreign nationals with Lithuanian origins and EU citizens
Full-time studies 2954 €
Price per credit 49,23 €
Partial tuition fee waiver can be applied for the study price.


Financial support






Module of the study programme by semesters


Business – electronic, international, services.
Entrepreneurship – business idea, innovative nonthinking, entrepreneurial company
Business strategy – mission, vision, strategic aims
Innovation management – innovative products, innovation culture, competitiveness
Business ideation and implementation Analysis and management of business processes Leadership development and management Knowledge and solutions of business practice




One-year practical skill development in business

Modern studies have to be in line with current trends. Therefore, you, as a business and entrepreneurship student, will have the opportunity to learn not only from the best, but also with them. Employers have already made a significant contribution to the development of the program, and well-known entrepreneurs continue to be actively involved in your studies and help you find your best path.

Student internships on a rotating basis for two semesters are organized in companies with which we have long-term relationships established. The knowledge acquired at the university is applied and practical skills are developed according to an individual program, the results of which will allow you to become a part of a global business. In each case, the needs of the company growth and the student’s personal development are integrated. In different specializations, the learners acquire the competencies necessary for export or professional sales management work and can develop their skills with the help of a company mentor and a university internship tutor.

Specialization: Export Management

Export Management specialization is implemented with participation of Lithuanian Business Visionaries “Inovacijų agentūra”, which helps to train high-level export professionals to meet the needs of today’s market.

Specialists in the field of export management acquire the knowledge necessary for the analysis of international markets, international logistics, and export and sales management. They are able to use the theoretical knowledge in practical activities of the organization.

During a long-term internship of two semesters (one year) students learn to apply performance improvement methodology, analyze and summarize the company’s export performance improvement results, formulate conclusions, use methods of analysis and planning as well as sales management. They get to know and evaluate company performance, independently initiate and implement export market or business development projects.

Specialization: Export Management

Specialization: Business strategy and sales

Business strategy and sales professionals are directly responsible for business development. They use state-of-the-art business development techniques, use artificial intelligence technologies, and are skilled marketers who can offer their product or service in the real and virtual world.

During their studies at the university and long-term internships of two semesters (one year) in businesses, students learn to apply strategic thinking, strategic analysis, strategic planning tools in practice. They gain the knowledge of business development, strategy development and professional sales techniques, develop the ability to formulate arguments and make strategic decisions.

Kickstart your business while studying

Just imagine – your business idea gets the financing it needs and starts getting developed in Silicon Valley, USA. Sounds like a dream, right? It can actually turn into reality! “KTU Startup Space” is a unique start-up business incubation system that operates at our university. Our students have already received support from the project and are currently continuing their activities in Lithuania and all around the world, including the legendary Silicon Valley.



Bright and broad career prospects

What will you be able to do?

– Create logical and potentially big business ideas.
– Analyse the strategy of a specific active business to find its strengths in the market.
– Analyse entrepreneurial businesses in chosen markets, evaluate their environmental analysis, creativity, and logically justified conditions.
– Apply the negotiation theory in practice.
– Explain the concepts of management, its development, main terms, functions, and areas of the managers’ activities.
– Apply your knowledge, both locally and globally.

You may become

There is no need to explain –- the manager is the central figure of any company, responsible for its establishment, business planning, and management. As a manager, you will define corporate strategy, internal policies, address critical issues, and represent your organisation in negotiations, projects, and events.

As a professional, you will lead the product development of companies and commercialise innovations. You will also help manage various administrative procedures, corporate strategy, and control costs.

You will be capable of leading the sales and marketing staff. As a specialist, you will also draw up and manage corporate budgets, conduct market assessments, and represent company or organisation at sales events, trade shows, and other forums.

As a professional, whose activities are related to the higher goals of the organisation, you will seek to ensure customer loyalty, analyse and improve the business systems of your company, develop a precise strategy and help to implement it.

You will be the one to unleash real talent. In this position, you will be the professional who can attract and retain the best employees in the company – you will form teams, solve legal personnel issues, form the atmosphere of the company, and create a motivational system.




Lecturers. Experts in their field

Rita Jucevičienė

Rita Jucevičienė

Justinas Taruška

Justinas Taruška

Sales Management, Entrepreneurship
Vaidotas Lašas

Vaidotas Lašas

Business Development, Logistics
Antanas Bakšys

Antanas Bakšys

Business-to-Business Sales Management
Neringa Romanovskaja

Neringa Romanovskaja

Sales Process, Export Development
Robertas Jucevičius

Robertas Jucevičius

Innovation Management
Rimgailė Vaitkienė

Rimgailė Vaitkienė

Social Research Methods, Sales Management
Auksė Blažėnaitė

Auksė Blažėnaitė

Communication and Negotiations




Rasa Žilionė

Rasa Žilionė

Director at VšĮ Inovacijų biuras & VšĮ Žinių kodas


It is important for the employer that the graduate would be open to changes, motivated for constant improvement, would be able to cooperate and communicate with colleagues and partners. Non-standard experiences, creativity creativeness, flexibility, knowing of foreign languages, and many other “soft” components of competencies are on the top of the list of employee selection criteria these days. All of this is acquired by the students of Business and Entrepreneurship
study programme; therefore, the majority of them successfully establish themselves in the Lithuanian and foreign companies.

Artūras Kanapkis

Artūras Kanapkis

Director at UAB “Baltic Synergy”


The key to success is the ability to connect different competencies for the achievement of the common result, to find the relations between individual disciplines and use this synergy. The studies of Business and Entrepreneurship
are an interdisciplinary space of knowledge which provides an opportunity to know not only individual business management functions (marketing, accounting, finances, etc.) but rather the business company as the whole. For this reason, the graduate from this programme can become a link connecting the professionals of individual fields, understanding the specifics of each one of them and able to use the knowledge of different disciplines for the achievement of the common goal.
When studying various subjects of Business and Entrepreneurship
, I had more than one opportunity to try myself in various hypothetical situations of business without experiencing the actual risk. This allowed me to gain valuable experience. Due to programme of Business and Entrepreneurship
I know where to look for the ways to find the right solution for my business.





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