Arrival and start of life in the new country and city can always be a challenging task. We are looking forward to assist you with the first steps here, at Kaunas and KTU.


Preparation for arrival

Migration requirements for new degree students


Citizens of EU/EEA countries

If you are an EU citizen and have come to live in the Republic of Lithuania for more than 3 months in half a year, you may be issued a certificate confirming your right of temporary residence in the Republic of Lithuania.

Please submit the application on MIGRIS system.

You have to submit these documents:

  • valid travel document;
  • student status certificate:
  • a document certifying that You have sufficient resources for living in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • a document certifying the valid health insurance (the insurance must be valid in the territory of Lithuania, e.g., the European Health Insurance Card).

You must apply to the chosen branch of the Migration Department for the submission of original documents and biometric data and for signing the application you submitted.

You will have to pay a state levy for issuing a certificate – EUR 8.60 (payment code 5740).

For more information about the procedure you can visit migration department page or check our FAQs.



Citizens of other countries


Students from non-EU countries are required to obtain a national visa.

Documents required for National Visa:

  • Print-out from the Lithuanian bank, showing sufficient amount of money (365 EUR per month/4380 EUR per year);
  • Mediation letter from KTU;
  • Application form. It has to be printed and submitted together with the documents for a visa. You can fill in the application on the website:
  • Passport and visa/TRP (plus photocopy);
  • One colored photo;
  • Health insurance.

For more detailed information about documents for a visa procedure you can visit migration department page.

For the issue of a national visa, you must apply to the Lithuanian Visa Service in a foreign country or to an external service provider’s visa application center .

If you intend to study in Lithuania for more than one year, after the arrival in Lithuania you have to apply for Temporary Residence Permit (TRP). This document is valid for two years but no longer than expected graduation date.

Application deadlines:

General order (paying 120 EUR for the application)

  • No later than 3 months before visa expires – if you are applying for the first time;
  • No earlier than 4 months and no later than 2 months before TRP expiration day – if you need to renew your TRP.

Urgent order (paying 240 EUR for the application)

  • No later than 1,5 months before visa expires – if you are applying for the first time
  • No earlier than 4 months and no later than 1 month before TRP expiration day – if you need to renew your TRP.

In order to get the TRP you have to follow these steps.

1 Step. Apply for the Mediation letter. You can order it via AIS (certificates ordering section, ‘Mediation letter for issuing of temporary residence permit’). It is usually issued within 3-5 working days. You will need the reference number of this document, in order to finish your TRP application.

2 Step. Submit an application electronically through the Lithuanian Migration Information System (MIGRIS).

You will also be required to submit these documents:

  • Valid travel document.
  • Printout from the bank, showing sufficient amount of money (no less than 365 EUR per month/4380 EUR per year). This has to be presented in English if you hold an international bank account or in Lithuanian if you opened the bank account in Lithuania.* The statement is valid for 1 month.
  • Declaration of residence place in Lithuania. If you live in a KTU dormitory, please contact the dormitory group via Please find more information about the declaration of the place of residence HERE.
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC/Non-criminal Record). Documents must be legalized or certified with an Apostille, written in English or translated officially. If you are renewing your TRP you do not need to submit this.
  • Proof of Health Insurance.

3 Step. Through the application system you will also book the visit time to the Migration Office. You have to make the appointment in person within 4 months from the date of submission of the application to the MIGRIS and submit the biometric data, the original travel document and original or duly certified copies of the other documents listed above.

4 Step. You will have to pay the application fee (you can pay in Migration Office).

5 Step. Once the decision to issue TRP is given by the Migration Department of Lithuania, it is sent to your indicated e-mail address and you have to take your TRP card on the last day when your visa/TRP expires.

*It is fine to show the statement from your parents’ bank account. In this case you also need to present the notarized affidavit as a proof that your parents agree to support you financially.

Please DO NOT leave the preparation of necessary documents for the last minute.


For more detailed information you can check the FAQs.

Citizens of EU/EEA countries

Please acquire and adequate health/travel insurance for studies at KTU. Citizens of EU/EEA countries simply need to obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from the social security authorities in their home country. Holders of EHIC cards are entitled to the same benefits provided by the Lithuanian Insurance Institution as Lithuanian citizens. Private insurance for acute illnesses and accidents is highly recommended.

Citizens of other countries

Students from non-EU countries may obtain their health insurance either in their country or in Lithuania.

  • If you come to Lithuania without a visa, acquire the health insurance for 3 months and then extend it when applying for visa.
  • If you came holding national D visa, it means you have health insurance for the validity period of the said visa.

It costs approximately 115 EUR / year if you purchase it in Lithuania.

Students from non-EU countries applying for the temporary residence permit in Lithuania have to prove to the migration office that they have a valid health insurance.


If you have to visit the hospital in the emergency case, go directly to the Emergency office, usually indicated in Lithuanian: PRIĖMIMO SKYRIUS.


If you need to call an ambulance, dial 112 – Emergency Number. There are no charges for ambulance transport in case of emergency.



KTU offers dormitory accommodation where a student can have a single or a shared room, may use the kitchen, laundry, internet and other facilities.

Monthly rent rates vary depending on the room type ranging from 75,60 to 153,60 EUR / month.

Student accommodation center address:
Studentu st. 69
Student Leisure Centre (ground floor of dormitory No. 3)

Opening hours:
I–IV: 8:00–17:00
V: 8:00–15:45
Lunch break: 12:00–12:45


Phone: +370 696 73277 (accommodation)
Phone: +370 696 52253 (fees)

Head of student accommodation center:
Phone: +370 620 46892

Private accommodation

If you prefer to have more space or to live in a certain area of Kaunas or have other reasons, you may choose renting a flat.

KTU International Studies Office (ISO) does not intermediate in finding the flat or dealing with the landlord.

Rental prices vary depending on the number of rooms, location, living conditions, period of rent, etc. Average rent prices are from 150 EUR to 400 EUR per month for a flat (1-3 rooms).

The rent is usually paid 3-6 months in advance, so you must have some money ready before arriving. Make sure that your landlord agrees for you to declare your living place in the municipality institutions otherwise you may have problems when applying or receiving temporary residence permit (TRP).

Solo Society Student House


Solo Society Student House is created for living and studying in active students’ community.

Each apartment has personal kitchen and bathroom. Joint leisure, meditation, studying zones, big kitchens for friends and family dinner, fast Wi-Fi, laundry rooms with washers and dryers, gym hall, rooftop terrace with a view to Kaunas city centre. Safe surrounding with 24/7 working administration and security. Living without any problem – all taxes and utility fees (water, electricity, heating) included.

Prices from 299 EUR per month.

Contact details: Kestucio str. 36, Kaunas | +370 657 88805 | |

1Home Student Apartments


1Home offers affordable high quality student accommodation in the Baltic States. 1Home Student Apartments are located around the city center & the universities. They are freshly renovated by high quality standards to offer a comfortable stay for the students. Most of the apartments have 4-6 single rooms and come with a shared kitchen and bathrooms. Majority of our tenants are international exchange students; however, also local students are welcome to stay with 1Home.


What will you get?

  • no broker fees
  • new renovated flats
  • private rooms and shared common areas
  • high speed Wi-Fi
  • fixed utilities (50 EUR) all year (include heating, water and electricity)
  • customer service and weekly cleaning of the common areas
  • property management service in English
  • posibility to buy bed pack (blanket, sheets, pillow)

Prices from 140 EUR per month.

Contact details: +371 22 324 579 |

BEST BALTIC Kaunas hotel – rooms and apartments for rent

Hotel in the city center offers monthly rent. The every apartment is lockable with the card, furnished, has a TV , Wi-Wi, central ventilation, air conditioning, refrigerator, kettle. Residents have a shared kitchen with new appliances and furniture. In the shared laundry room there are new automatic washing machines, automatic clothes dryer, iron and ironing board. The conference halls on the first floor are used by all residents and their guests, where they can study comfortably, spend time with friends and play table tennis. There are video cameras in the common areas, the employee is on call 24 hours a day, there is a lift, you can use the vacuum cleaners for your convenience.

Prices start from 425 Euros/month and depends on the room type and duration of the stay.

Contact details: Edita Dargevičiūtė | +370 618 31066 | | | A. Mickevičius g. 28, Kaunas, LT-44311, Lithuania

How to reach Kaunas


There are 5 main means to reach Lithuania: by plane, by bus, by train, by ferry and by car. Some options may lead you to Vilnius which sometimes is more convenient for the arrival by plane. Do not worry, Vilnius is just 100 km away from Kaunas, just follow the directions below.

If you use public transport, destination in Kaunas is Kaunas Bus Station (Kauno autobusų stotis) or Kaunas Train station (Kauno geležinkelio stotis). They are situated next to each other and close to the city centre.



Lithuania has three international airports in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga (close to Klaipėda, the seaport), which can be reached from the main European cities as well as from all over the world. Some of you can choose arriving to Riga, Latvia, and then taking a bus to Kaunas. There is a number of possibilities at every airport to use ATM machines, to exchange money, rent a car and use a corner shop where you can buy phone cards, bus tickets, snacks and drinks.

Kaunas International Airport. Kaunas Airport is situated in Karmėlava, only 14 km away from Kaunas. ->

You can reach Kaunas Bus or Train Station easily:


  • The bus stop is on the left from the arrivals hall exit.
  • Bus No. 29G route Kaunas Airport (Karmėlava) -> Savanorių pr. -> Bus Station -> Train Station. After ~45 min. get off at the Train Station (Geležinkelio stotis).
  • You can take a bus from ~ 5:00 AM till around midnight.
  • Ticket from the driver costs 1.00 EUR (full price) ir 0,5 EUR (with valid ISIC card).
  • You can check the bus route and precise timetables on Also you can use Mobile Apps for public transport -> Trafi


  • LocationYou can find taxi at the arrivals hall exit.
  • We recommend using Bolt app, the price varies depending on the day and time of the arrival but it’s usually cheaper than regular taxi.


Vilnius International Airport.
Vilnius Airport is the main international airport in Lithuania with permanent luggage storage, currency exchange at the arrival hall, cafes and 2 airport hotels nearby. ->
You can go to Kaunas by regular bus or by train.


  • You can go to Kaunas by regular bus or by train. The cost of it is around 6 EUR (regular price) or around 3 EUR (with valid ISIC card).
    • Bus or train station in Vilnius can be reached by taking Bolt taxi from airport or by using city public transportation (bus or train). Bus and train station in Vilnius are right next to each other.
  • You can use private carrier – Ollex buses at the arrivals hall exit (go right after exiting the building).
  • Ollex buses may take you straight to Kaunas (Savanorių pr. 404b).
  • It will cost you ~10 EUR to reach Kaunas.
  • More information you will find here ->


  • The bus stop is on the left from the arrivals hall exit.
  • Buses No. 1, 2 and 88 go from the airport to the Bus and Train Stations (~15 min.)
  • You can take a bus from ~5:30 AM till 10:00 PM.
  • You can buy a ticket from the driver for 1 EUR (regular price) or  0.50 EUR (with valid ISIC card)
  • You can check the bus route and precise timetables on Also you can use Mobile Apps for public transport -> Trafi


  • The train stop is 150 metres straight as you exit the arrivals hall (keep on the left side of the road; there is an elevator down to the station).
  • The train goes from the airport to the Train station (~7 min.).
  • You can take a train from 5:57 AM till 10:16 PM.
  • One-way fare is around 1 EUR (purchased on the train).
  • More information can be found here ->


  • You can find taxi at the arrivals hall exit.
  • Ask the driver to take you to the Bus or Train Station.
  • We recommend using Bolt app, the price varies depending on the day and time of the arrival but it’s usually cheaper than regular taxi.


  • The bus arrives to Kaunas Bus Station.
  • Busses from Vilnius to Kaunas go approx. every 30 minutes – 1 hour.
  • You can check the timetables at ->


    • Train arrives to Kaunas Train Station.
    • Trains from Vilnius to Kaunas go every hour.
    • You may purchase a ticket at the ticket office at the station or in the train itself (in case you choose this option you will have to wait to be approached by the conductor)
    • You can check the timetables at ->

Palanga International Airport. Palanga International Airport is situated 25 km away from Klaipėda. You can take a bus or taxi to Klaipėda Bus Station and then reach Kaunas by bus. ->

Riga International Airport (Latvia). Although Riga Airport is in another country (Latvia), it is only ~260 km from Kaunas. Thus, sometimes it is faster to fly to Riga and to reach Kaunas by bus than to wait for a transfer flight. First of all, you need to go to Riga Bus Station.

  • Bus stop is located opposite the terminal behind the car park P1.
  • Bus No. 22 or Airport Express minibus will take you to Riga Bus Station.
  • Buses to Riga Bus Station go every 10-30 min. Journey will take about 30 min.
  • You may buy ticket at the driver and it will cost ~2 EUR.
  • More information can be found here ->


  • Buses will take you to Kaunas Bus Station in approx. 5 hours.
  • Bus connections from Riga to Kaunas are organised couple of times a day
  • One-way ticket is ~18 EUR.
  • Check for the bus timetables, costs, etc. ->

Latvia and Lithuania are the members of the Schengen Area, so you do not need any extra visas.


If you live in one of neighbouring countries, you can take a bus: it is quite popular and convenient. You may choose between some of the popular international lines, such as Eurolines, Ecolines, etc.

Kaunas Bus Station ->

Vilnius Bus Station ->

Eurolines Baltic International ->

Ecolines ->

LUX Express ->



Although, trains are very popular in most of the European countries, the railway network in Lithuania is not much developed. However, there are several international railways passing through Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Klaipėda and Panevėžys. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices in railway stations, which are open 24 hours. ->



In Lithuania the connections in motor highway are very good between the main cities: from Vilnius (E85/A1), from Riga (Latvia) (E67/A1) or from Warsaw (Poland) (E67/A5).

Meet & Greet


Our mentors gathered and trained by ESN KTU and KTU Student Association are ready to assist you with your first steps at Kaunas University of Technology. The mentors will be able to:

  • provide initial information before the arrival
  • meet you in the airport, train or bus station
  • help to adapt and get to know around KTU and Kaunas during your first days in our city

First days of the arrival are aimed to adapt and to get to know the University and the country. Welcome Week for the newcomers will give corresponding tips, while the friendships made on the first days will remain the strongest. You will not feel alone.



Welcome Week


Welcome Week gives you a good opportunity to obtain information about Kaunas University of Technology and Lithuania (study system, courses in English, residence permit, health care, services for students, accommodation, student organisations, campus tour, intercultural communication, etc.). Welcome Week is also the best time to meet other students who are starting their studies at Kaunas University of Technology.

Purpose Amount EUR/month
KTU dormitory 80 – 160
Private rent 200 – 350
Utilities (if living in private rent) 30 – 60
Groceries 150
Meal at restaurant 5 – 15 EUR/meal
Hygiene products 20
Public transportation 5
Entertainment 80

To do list

  • Bring education documents. Check if you have all required documents with you.
  • Take your passport or ID card. Do not forget your passport or ID card, take your international student card (ISIC, for example), your driving licence and other documents that are necessary abroad (translated into English).
  • Be ready for climate change. We suggest the students to keep abroad just the essential warm clothing, as you can buy the remaining warm clothes and shoes here in Lithuania.
  • Take some cash. You should have enough money for your first few days to pay the accommodation deposit, to get student identity card and public transport ticket or to buy some other things to make your life comfortable here.
  • Save the contact info. Do not forget all the necessary addresses, maps and phone numbers of contact persons of the ISO or mentors.

Study@KTU ambassadors


A mission of this program is to enhance the international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among people from different countries and diverse cultures.


Study@KTU Ambassadors are a group of outstanding students selected to represent KTU to prospective students, their families and our community.

Academic calendar


Academic year consists of autumn and spring semesters. The autumn semester starts on the 1st September and the spring semester starts on the 1st February.

Autumn 2021/2022

Process Start End
Welcome Week 26-08-2021 31-08-2021
Lecture period 01-09-2020 23-12-2021
Winter holidays 24-12-2021 02-01-2022
Exams session 03-01-2022 31-01-2022


Spring 2021/2022

Process Start End
Welcome Week 27-01-2022 31-01-2022
Lecture period 01-02-2022 31-05-2022
Spring holidays 18-04-2022 24-04-2022
Exams session 01-06-2022 30-06-2022


International Studies Office

Studentų st. 50 – Student Info Center

LT-51368 Kaunas


Migration requirements FAQ

You can submit the statement from your parents’ bank account. In this case you also need to present the notarized affidavit as a proof that your parents agree to support you financially.

If your country is not included in the Hague Convention and your documents cannot be certified with an Apostille, you need to proceed with the double legalization.

First, your document must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the document was issued. Second, after arriving in Lithuanian you need to legalize your certificate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lithuania. The detailed information about the procedure you can find here.

If you go on the academic leave or your study agreement is terminated, your TRP/visa will be revoked within a couple of weeks and you need to go back to your home country. You will have to apply for a new national visa in order to come back to Lithuania if your student status is regained.

In order to renew a TRP, you need to have no less than 40 academic credits finished per 1 last study year. In case the number of credits is lower and you cannot not provide a valid reason (sickness, the death of a relative, etc.) and supporting documents, the Migration Department might reject your application.

Yes, you can find a job while you have a student status, but only after you obtain a Temporary Residence Permit. You cannot work while having a national visa. If you are a Bachelor’s degree student, you can work no more than 20 hours per week. If you are a Master’s degree or PhD student, you can work full-time during your studies. Please find more information here.

Please find information about banks in Lithuania here. In order to open a bank account in Lithuania, you will be required to submit the documents, which proves you are a student in Lithuania. You can order this certificate on the AIS, certificate ordering section.

You can contact any health insurance company in Lithuania. The list of insurance companies you can find here.

  • To issue a new TRP takes within 3 months (general procedure) or within 45 days (urgent procedure) after the application is accepted during the appointment at the Migration Department.
  • To renew a TRP takes within 2 months (general procedure) or within 1 month (urgent procedure) after the application is accepted during the appointment at the Migration Department.

The TRP is being issued for maximum 2 years or until the expected graduation date.

If the TRP is issued until the expected graduation date, usually the Migration Department adds 3 months after the graduation.

You can apply for a TRP for a job searching purpose. This document can be issued for a maximum 12 months period. In order to apply for this TRP, you will have to fill in the application on the MIGRIS system. Instead of the mediation letter from the University, you will be required to submit your graduation diploma. You can find a list of required documents and more information about the procedure here (section “I am a foreigner who has completed studies in Lithuania or a researcher who has completed research and experimental development work”).

You can find a law here, however, the fully updated document is available only in Lithuanian language.